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  1. Timeline of Russian history - Wikipedia

    This is a timeline of Russian history, ... Wallachia and Moldavia. 26 December: War of the Third Coalition: ... Elena, were captured in the ...


    The wedding of Ivan the Young and Elena of Moldavia took place allegedly in 1482 or 1483 [778], p.115, [282], p.54. Shortly after Elena of Moldavia gives birth to a son, Dmitry, a family scandal flares up among the family of Ivan III, in the centre of which are Sophia Paleologue, Ivan's III wife, and Elena, his young daughter–in-law.

  3. Romanian Revolution - Wikipedia

    Part of the Revolutions of 1989. Date. 16–25 December 1989. Location. Romania. Arad, Brașov, Bucharest, Târgovișteand Timișoaraamong other cities. Resulted in. Revolutionaries victory; overthrow of the Socialist Republic of Romania, capture and executionof Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu. Parties to the civil conflict.

    • 16–25 December 1989
    • 3,321
  4. The Fall of Communism timeline | Timetoast timelines

    War between Georgia and Russia breaks out, resulting in the loss of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which later receive international recognition Aug 18, 2009 Georgia withdraws from the CIS as a consequence of the Russian-Georgian conflict

  5. Elena - World Heritage Site - Pictures, Info and Travel Reports

    Elena Profile Last Update 31.12.69 72 WHS Visited 0 Reviews 0 WHS Rated 0 TWHS Visited Visited Sites Elena

  6. Tatyana Arntgolts – Timeline featuring TV shows and other ...

    See a detailed Tatyana Arntgolts timeline, with an inside look at her TV shows, marriages, children & more through the years.

  7. BBC News - Timeline: Romania

    A chronology of key events: 1916-18 - Romania fights on Allied side during World War I. As part of the peace settlement at the end of the war acquires several territories with resident Romanian...

  8. Romania country profile - BBC News

    Nov 05, 2019 · 1877-1878 - Romania wins full independence from the Ottoman Empire by siding with Russia in the Russo-Turkish War. It also acquires a coastline on the Danube delta. 1916 - Romania joins into World...

  9. Timeline of Russian history -

    This is a timeline of Russian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Russia and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of Russia. See also the list of leaders of Russia. Dates before 31 January 1918, when the Bolshevik government adopted the Gregorian calendar, are given in the Old Style Julian calendar.

  10. BBC News - Timeline: Romania

    Apr 30, 2012 · 1999 December - Vasile replaced as prime minister by Mugur Isarescu. 2000 January - Toxic cyanide escapes from mining works in northern Romania and poisons rivers in Hungary and Yugoslavia. 2000...

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