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  1. List of Pomeranian duchies and dukes - Wikipedia

    Pomerania-Stettin-Rügenwalde: Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg 1615 no children Son of Boguslaus XI. Inherited the possessions of all his brothers and reunited Pomerania, but he also didn't have any children. At his death, Pomerania was annexed by the Kingdom of Sweden. 1620-1625: Pomerania-Stettin (Stettin and Rügenwalde) 1625-1637 ...

    after 1130
    fall of 1180
    Before 1156
  2. Elizabeth of Doberschütz - Wikipediaütz

    Elizabeth of Doberschütz, (or Dobschütz) née von Strantz (died 17 December 1591 in Stettin, Pomerania) (modern Szczecin) was beheaded as a witch on the Hay Market in Stettin and burned on the outskirts of the city

  3. Woman of The Reformation: Elizabeth Cruciger - Reformed ...

    Oct 31, 2012 · Born of nobility in Pomerania (mixture of Germany and Poland), she was a nun at Belbuck. She first learned of the new Reformation theology from John Bugenhagen who was a colleague of Luther. Mary Jane Haeming wrote an article about Cruciger in The Sixteenth Century Journal titled “Elisabeth Cruciger (1500? – 1535): The Case of The ...

  4. Bogislaw XIV, Duke of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    On 25 May 1654, almost seven years after Pomerania had lost her independence and only after Bogislaw's wife Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg had died, could Bogislaw's body finally be put to rest in Stettin.

  5. Elizabeth of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth was not the daughter of her father's first wife Mary of Hungary, and thus not descended from the Angevin kings of Hungary. However, she in many ways is descended from the old Árpád kings of Hungary. Her paternal grandparents were Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and Elisabeth of Pomerania.

  6. Pomerania during the Late Middle Ages - Wikipedia

    Pomerania-Wolgast was reunited following the death of both Barnim VII and Barnim VIII in 1451. Both dukes died of the plague. The same disease caused the death of Joachim of Pomerania-Stettin (also in 1451), Ertmar and Swantibor, children of Wartislaw X, and Otto III of Pomerania-Stettin (all in 1464).

  7. The hidden dark side of ‘Elizabeth and Her German Garden ...

    The fraud case collapsed, but only after Henning had spent months in jail. After his death in 1910, Mary-Elizabeth lived for a while in a one-bedroom bungalow in Virginia Water, Surrey.

  8. Duchy of Pomerania - Wikipediaęstwo_Pomorskie

    Pomerania-Demmin (Dymin) from 1156 on under Duke Casimir I, fell to Duke Barnim I of Pomerania after the death of Duke Wartislaw III in 1264; Pomerania-Stolp in Stargard from 1368 on under Duke Bogislaw V the Old, fell to Duke Eric II of Pomerania-Wolgast after the death of Duke Eric in 1459

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    These included the murder by sorcery of every consequential person who had died in her vicinity in recent memory, from the previous prioress all the way up to the Duke of Pomerania, whose childless death at the tender age of 44 the previous year had thrown the political situation in Pomerania into confusion.* (Not to mention sexual contact with her loyal kitty Chim, in the latter’s guise as demonic familiar.)

  10. Erdmuthe of Brandenburg - Wikipedia

    She married on 17 February 1577 in Stettin (Szczecin) John Frederick of Pomerania (1542–1600). At the age of 7 years she was engaged to the 26 years old John Frederick. On this occasion, the old inheritance treaty between the two houses and the entitlements in case one of them would go extinct, were redefined.

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