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  1. Anne of Bohemia and Hungary - Wikipedia

    It was arranged that Anna marry his grandson, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, second son of Queen Regnant Joanna of Castile and her late husband and co-ruler, Philip I of Castile. Anna married Ferdinand on 26 May 1521 in Linz , Austria. [1]

  2. Jagiellonian dynasty - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The Jagiellonian dynasty / ˈ j ɑː ɡ j ə ˈ l oʊ n i ə n / was a royal dynasty, founded by Jogaila, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, who in 1386 was baptized as Władysław, married Queen regnant (also styled "King") Jadwiga of Poland, and was crowned King of Poland as Władysław II Jagiełło.

  3. Sigismund II Augustus - Wikipedia

    Dec 22, 2020 · On 5 May 1543, Elizabeth's escorted convoy entered Kraków and was greeted with enthusiasm by both the nobles and the townsfolk. The same day 16-year-old Elizabeth married 22-year-old Sigismund Augustus, whom she met for the first time shortly before marriage vows.

  4. History of Prague - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The husband of Sigismund's daughter Elizabeth, Albert II, Duke of Austria, became the Bohemian king for two years (until his death). Then, the next in line for Bohemian crown was the grandson of Sigismund, born after his father's death, and thus called Ladislaw Posthumous (Posthumous because he was born after his father's death).

  5. List of Swedish royal consorts - Wikipedia

    husband's accession: c. 1050 husband's death: c. 1060 Anund Jacob: Unknown name, called Ingamoder: Emund the Old of Sweden c. 1043 c. 1058 c. 1061 husband's accession: c. 1066 husband's death: c. 1090 Stenkil: Gyla? ? ? c. 1075 husband's accession: c. 1079 husband's death? Haakon I: Helena: Sigtorn or Ingvar the Far-Travelled: c. 1065 before ...

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