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  1. Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily - Wikipedia

    Elizabeth of Carinthia (1298–1352) was an influential queen and royal family member in the Kingdom of Sicily, who lived and ruled in a tumultuous time. The daughter of the Otto, the penultimate duke of Carinthia and lord of Carniola from the House of Gorizia, she married Peter II of Sicily in 1323 and became the Queen of Sicily.

    • 1298
    • 25 June 1337 – 15 August 1342
  2. Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany - Wikipedia

    She was born at Trausnitz Castle in Landshut, the eldest daughter of Otto II Wittelsbach and his wife Agnes of the Palatinate, herself a daughter of the Welf count palatine Henry V and Agnes of Hohenstaufen. Otto II succeeded his father Louis I as Bavarian duke and as Count palatine in 1231.

    • 1 September 1246 – 21 May 1254
    • Stams Abbey
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  4. Queen Elizabeth - Wikipedia

    Queens regnant. Elizabeth I (1533–1603), Queen of England and Ireland reigned 44 years, from 1558 until her death, last monarch from the House of Tudor; Elizabeth II (born 1926), Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and other Realms and Territories, since 1952

  5. Elisabeth of Carinthia (1298 - 1349) - Genealogy

    -,_Queen_of_Sicily Elisabeth or Elizabeth (1298 – after 1347) was the daughter of Otto III of Carinthia and Tyrol (also numbered as Otto II) by his wife Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz. She was born in Gorizia. Her paternal grandparents were Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia and Elisabeth of Bavaria.

  6. Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily - Unionpedia, the ...,_Queen...

    Elizabeth of Carinthia (1298–1352) was an influential queen and royal family member in the Kingdom of Sicily, who lived and ruled in a tumultuous time. 93 relations.

  7. List of Sicilian monarchs - Wikipedia

    The monarchs of Sicily ruled from the establishment of the County of Sicily in 1071 until the "perfect fusion" in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1816.. The origins of the Sicilian monarchy lie in the Norman conquest of southern Italy which occurred between the 11th and 12th century.

  8. Herman, Duke of Carinthia - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Carinthia

    Bernhard, Duke of Carinthia (c. 1181–1256). [1] Herman was the first Sponheim duke to be buried in St. Paul's Abbey in the Lavanttal , established by his great-grandfather Count Engelbert of Spanheim in 1091.

  9. Henry of Bohemia - Wikipedia

    In 1276 Count Meinhard married his eldest daughter, Henry's sister Elizabeth, to Albert, son of King Rudolph I of Germany, and in turn was enfeoffed with the Duchy of Carinthia in 1286. After his father's death in late October 1295, Henry inherited the Tyrolean and Carinthian estates.

  10. Family tree of German monarchs - Wikipedia

    The following image is a family tree of every prince, king, queen, monarch, confederation president and emperor of Germany, from Charlemagne in 800 over Louis the German in 843 through to Wilhelm II in 1918.

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