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    Elizabeth of Poland (Hungarian: Erzsébet, Polish: Elżbieta; 1305 – 29 December 1380) was queen of Hungary by marriage to Charles I of Hungary, and regent of Poland from 1370 to 1376 during the reign of her son Louis I

  2. Elizabeth of Austria (1436–1505) - Wikipedia

    Elizabeth of Austria (German: Elisabeth von Habsburg; Polish: Elżbieta Rakuszanka; Lithuanian: Elžbieta Habsburgaitė; c. 1436 – 30 August 1505) was the wife of King Casimir IV of Poland and thus Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania. Orphaned at an early age, she spent her childhood in the court of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III.

    • 1436, Vienna
    • 30 August 1505 (aged 68–69), Kraków
    • 10 February 1454
    • 1454–1492
  3. Elizabeth of Austria (1526–1545) - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Marriage plans
    • Queen of Poland

    Elizabeth of Austria was a Queen consort of Poland. She was the eldest of fifteen children of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, and his wife Anne of Bohemia and Hungary. A member of the House of Habsburg, she was married off to Sigismund II Augustus, who was already crowned as King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania even though both of his parents were still alive and well. The marriage was short and unhappy. Elizabeth was of frail health, suffering from epileptic seizures, and died at age 18.

    Elizabeth spent most of her childhood in the Hofburg, Innsbruck. She was raised with strict discipline and received a good education from humanist Kaspar Ursinus Velius, but was not taught the Polish language despite her early arranged marriage to Sigismund II Augustus. The marriage plan was first discussed when Elizabeth was just one year old. Louis, King of Hungary and Bohemia, died in August 1526 without leaving an heir. The Hungarian throne was contested between Louis' brother-in-law Ferdina

    Elizabeth and a twelve-person escort departed Vienna on 21 April 1543. She was met at Olomouc by Samuel Maciejowski, Bishop of Płock and a retinue of 1,500 knights. On 5 May 1543, Elizabeth entered Kraków and met Sigismund Augustus for the first time. The same day 16-year-old Elizabeth married 22-year-old Sigismund Augustus in the Wawel Cathedral. The wedding celebration continued for two weeks. She was also crowned as Queen of Poland, which only increased the ire of Bona Sforza who ...

    • 8 May 1543
    • 9 July 1526, Linz
    • 5 May 1543 – 15 June 1545
    • 15 June 1545 (aged 18), Vilnius
  4. Mary, Queen of Hungary - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Hungary

    Mary was born in the latter half of 1371 to Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and his second wife, Elizabeth of Bosnia. [1] [2] She was the second daughter of her parents. [2] They had been childless for over a decade before Mary's older sister, Catherine , was born in 1370.

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  7. Elizabeth (given name) - Wikipedia

    Elizabeth of Bosnia (c. 1339–1387), queen of Hungary and Poland Elizabeth of Pomerania (1347–1393), queen consort and queen dowager of the Romans, Bohemia, Italy and Burgundy Elisabeth of Nuremberg (1358–1411), queen consort of the Romans

  8. Anne of Austria, Landgravine of Thuringia - Wikipedia

    Her posthumous brother Ladislaus, Duke of Austria (1440–57) succeeded, very underage, as king of Bohemia and later also as king of Hungary. Anne also had a younger sister, Elisabeth, who was to become later a queen of Poland and grand duchess of Lithuania.

  9. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia

    Queen Elizabeth pledged to assist Władysław-Jogaila against his enemies on 9 June 1386, but Hungary had sunken into anarchy. A group of Slavonian lords captured and imprisoned Jadwiga's mother and sister on 25 July. The rebels murdered Queen Elizabeth in January 1387.

  10. Anne of Bohemia and Hungary - Wikipedia

    Anne was born in Buda (now Budapest).The death of Vladislaus II on 13 March 1516 left both siblings in the care of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilan I.It was arranged that Anna marry his grandson, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, second son of Queen Regnant Joanna of Castile and her late husband and co-ruler, Philip I of Castile.

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    Richeza of Poland, Queen of Sweden (1116-1156 ... Duke of Austria and King of ... Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (1503-1546) => H (mtDNA) Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662 ...