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  2. Feb 11, 2022 · By Editorial Team February 11, 2022 So you have a WordPress website, but do you want to keep your audience coming back for more? Of course, you do! An email newsletter might be the solution. Newsletters are a great way to retain your audience and keep them hooked to your content and keep them coming back for more.

  3. Apr 26, 2023 · Ever wondered what the ideal email sizes for your newsletter templates are? Do you need to choose a specific width and height for them? Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complex.

    • Sign up for Constant Contact. Follow this link and enter your email to sign up for your new Constant Contact account. You can use their 60-day free trial (which doesn’t even require a credit card) to complete this tutorial and run email campaigns without spending any money.
    • Create an Email List. To keep your contacts organized, you’ll want to add email lists to your Constant Contact account. To see the lists currently available in your account, click on Contacts in the top menu, then Email Lists on the side menu.
    • Connect Constant Contact to Your Forms. You need to display a newsletter signup form on your website so you can grow your email list and people can give you their email address.
    • Connect Your Email List to Your Forms. To create your Constant Contact newsletter subscription form, you can either add a new form or edit an existing form.
  4. Mar 17, 2023 · For quite a while, the standard email template width was 600 pixels for desktop, 320 px for vertical orientation, and 480 px for horizontal orientation on mobile devices. The height was unlimited and depended solely on content length. But today, the situation is different.

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    • Starting an Email Newsletter. The most important thing you’ll need to start your email newsletter is an email marketing service provider. These are companies that allow you to collect email addresses and send mass emails.
    • Creating an Email List. An email list is basically a contact list of your subscribers. Think of it as a directory of the email addresses of all the users who signed up to receive your email newsletter.
    • Setting Up Your Email List Settings. The first thing you would want to set up is a welcome email. This is the email message sent to your users when they join your email newsletter.
    • Adding Newsletter Signup Forms to Get More Subscribers. Now that you have signed up with an email marketing platform and set up your email list, it’s time to start promoting it.
  5. Dec 18, 2019 · File size: Less than 1MB (under 150kb is the ultimate) Your readers view your email newsletters through all different types of internet connections and devices. Keeping your file size small helps your emails load quickly in a wide range of environments.

  6. Mar 31, 2022 · However, to avoid any issues, the width of your newsletter should be between 600 to 650 px. And it’s good luck that email design tools like Unlayer create pre-designed email templates that are by default 600 px wide. So, you can either go for a maximum safe width of 700 px or go for wider emails by testing them on all email service providers.

  7. If you need to print an email newsletter, the ideal size is around 11” x 17” (4 pages) and 8.5” x 11” (2 pages). Without an envelope, you’ll need to fold them down to a final size of 5.5” x 8.5” to meet mailing standards. Email Newsletter Sizes for Business

  8. Nov 24, 2021 · Published: November 24, 2021 Creating an email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to provide value to your customers, drive them to buy more products, and encourage them to keep engaging with your brand. Overall, newsletters are a staple in any high-performing email marketing strategy.

  9. Use your website If someone is on your site, you can assume they have an interest in what you’re saying or selling. Create a form that lets them give you their name and email address (more on that later) and make sure they see it. A link to your form should be on every page of your site.

  10. Newsletter is a real newsletter and email marketing system for your WordPress blog: perfect for list building, you can easily create, send and track e-mails, headache-free. It just works out of box! Discover a completely rewritten composer We redesigned our drag and drop composer to make your campaign creation even easier. Try it! Main Features

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