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    Hit “send” with confidence. Let us design it for you. From custom templates to show-stopping visual content, our design crew will have your email looking gorgeous in no time. It’s so effortless to play around with the look and feel of our emails using Emma. The aesthetics are always on point Janelle Miley Dogfish Head Brewery.

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    With newsletter templates you can craft effective email campaigns for all major industries, corporate events, special promotions or advertorials. Emma’s newsletter templates are designed to make your life easier: Customizable and easy to use — create attractive newsletters in minutes with drag and drop design tools.

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    Browse all email templates. All email templates from Emma are designed to be part of stylish, unique and professional email campaigns that will showcase your business and wow your customers. Every email templates is crafted with meticulous care by our in-house design experts to help you stand out in the inbox.

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    The Code Your Own template allows you to code your entire email, from header to footer and everything in between. In order to be CAN-SPAM compliant , we have included the HTML code for the Emma footer , which is the only content on the template, but it is editable.

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    Email templates from Emma come free with any account or can be custom designed for your business or industry. These readymade email templates are free and ready for you to add your logo, color scheme, or social buttons using the Emma email editor. Or have our expert design team custom tailor a template for you starting at $149.

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    The best email marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. With Emma’s marketing automation suite, you can check all three boxes for every subscriber. Learn More. Day 1 Welcome Email. Day 3 Targeted Offer. Day 5 Helpful Content.

  8. A Complete Guide to Marketing Org Structures | Aha! › marketing › marketing-org-structure
    • Marketing Function
    • Customer Stage
    • Organization by Division

    One of the most common ways to structure a marketing team is by function. Employees are organized according to their specific skills and the duties they perform. Each function is typically managed independently, with functional leads reporting directly to a VP of Marketing or the Chief Marketing Officer. In the example below, you see four key functions of marketing — digital marketing, product marketing, content marketing, and creative marketing — as well as key roles within each sub-team. This structure scales easily as the size of the team grows. Individuals with similar skills are grouped together, which encourages specialization. Using this structure creates consistency across the same type of work. Teams are able to work independently and perform functional work quickly without needing involvement from other teams. With this approach, it is important to make sure that the functional teams collaborate closely with each other to support overall marketing goals. The potential down...

    Some companies build their marketing teams around the stages of the customer journey — such as acquisition, conversion, and retention. Each team owns specific metrics for that funnel stage and reports to the CMO on overall progress. Some teams, like creative design, could still be centralized but they would support the individual stages. The best way to read the example below is from left to right. Customer conversion cannot happen until the customer finds the company, for example. Similarly, customers cannot be retained until they actually convert. This design allows each team to stay focused on the goals they are responsible for, ensuring that each area of the funnel is optimized. Within a structure like this, each group includes all of the skills necessary to deliver marketing activities for a specific stage of the customer journey. Teams using this model need to work closely to ensure a seamless experience for their customers. This collaboration creates a funnel that is optimize...

    Divisional organizational structures are common at large enterprises. Divisions can be based on product lines, geographies, or customer segments. Each division operates autonomously within the larger organization. These are key revenue streams so the structure of the entire company is organized for driving growth. Each division has control over their own resources — including dedicated marketing, sales, and product managementteams. While this autonomy enables teams to move quickly, divisional org structures can create operational inefficiencies. For example, paid search professionals in one division not communicating with those in other divisions could result in both of them bidding on similar keywords — thus competing directly with each other. Here are three ways you can organize a company around divisions, showing how marketing fits into each: Product divisions Organizing teams around product offerings is common at large enterprises, especially if there are multiple product lines....

  9. 10 of the Best Email Marketing Templates for 2021 › email-marketing-templates

    Feb 12, 2021 · 1. Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that also provides free email templates that you can use for your campaigns. The website has a collection of 100+ predesigned templates that you can use to send different types of emails.

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    • Business Introduction Email Templates
    • Best Practices For Using Introduction Email Templates
    • Bottom Line

    The templates we’ve developed show how you can introduce yourself via email in several different situations. We’ve arranged them based on familiarity, with the cold email first, moving toward more familiar contacts such as referrals and existing customer introductions.

    While there are specific introduction emails for different situations, all effective introduction emails have general best practices. For example, they are typically short and to the point. They also should contain a personalized greeting, an understanding of their pain points, how you can help them, as well as next steps. Learn more about best practices for crafting cold emailsin our comprehensive article. In addition, here are some helpful tips to consider when creating introduction emails: 1. There are tools that can help you identify your prospects, especially if all you have is an email address. This can be especially helpful in personalizing your message by providing context such as the prospect’s role, location, and name. Check out our guide on how to reverse lookupa prospect by email to learn more. 2. Testimonials from previous customers, accreditations, and awards relevant to your prospect’s industry provide a form of third-party validation that you are reliable and are tru...

    Email templates can be built to support every stage of your sales process. They help accelerate sales growth by allowing you to reduce the amount of time needed to draft common messages. Email templates can also help to ensure each message sent includes a call to action designed to move a lead along in the sales process. Once you’ve started using email templates, you’ll want to store them in your customer relationship management (CRM) so you can access them easily. With Salesforce Essentials, you can use your existing templates for consistency in messaging across your business, without leaving your email inbox, on your computer and on mobile. Visit their website to learn more. Visit Salesforce Essentials

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