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  1. Emo mulai populer sebagai genre musik pada awal 2000-an mengikuti kesuksesan Jimmy Eat World dan Dashboard Confessional yang laris rekamannya hingga mendapat piringan platina, dan munculnya subgenre baru dari emo berupa screamo yang lebih agresif.

  2. Emo. Emo is a kind of music which is short for "emotive hardcore." The style first formed in the mid-1980s, taking the musical sounds of hardcore punk and post-hardcore and combining them with sad and sensitive lyricism (words) that emo has become so well known for. In the mid 1990s, emo incorporated indie rock elements.

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    Emo naseng to emocore na ala pole "emotive hardcore" iana subgenre musik hardcore punk. Mula na ri ujunna taun 1980-an. Band-band ri olo mula maculle ede genre iana Rites Of Spring si bawa Embrace. Ede genre puna lyric iana emotional si bawa riff gitara iana de' na complex.

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    Angelo Emo (3 January 1731 – 1 March 1792) was a Venetian noble and admiral, mostly known for being the last admiral of the Republic of Venice to lead the Venetian navy to battle. He attempted to introduce reforms based on the practices of the British Royal Navy , and led raids on Moorish targets along the Barbary Coast in retaliation for ...

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    Emoia is a genus of skinks, lizards in the subfamily Eugongylinae. The genus Emoia belongs to a group of genera mainly from the southwestern Pacific - Australian region. These small skinks are commonly known as emoias or skinks .

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    Emo je vrsta rock glazbe, koju karakterizira naglasak na emocionalno izražavanje, ponekad i putem ispovijesti kroz tekst.. Pojavio se kao stil post-hardcorea sredinom 1980-ih tijeko hardcore punk pokreta u Washingtonu, gdje je bio poznat kao emotional hardcore ili emocore, kojeg su predvodili sastavi kao što su Rites of Spring i Embrace.

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