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  1. First Christian emperor. In the spring of 311, with 40,000 soldiers behind him, Constantine rode toward Rome to confront an enemy whose numbers were four times his own.

  2. Constantine merged many of the traditions from these festivals with the Nativity story in the Bible and Christmas was born. From its beginning, Christmas was a holiday (or holy day), gifts were exchanged, families and friends gathered to feast, and a birth was celebrated; just like in the Roman and Persian festivities.

  3. Mar 26, 2021 · According to The Da Vinci Code, it was not the leaders of the Church but Constantine the emperor who collated and edited the books of the Bible at the Council of Nicaea. And so, a medieval myth wormed its way into the modern imagination through a satirical philosopher, a handful of conspiracy theorists, and a bestselling novelist. 3. Comment. 3.

  4. Emperor Constantine changed the PLACE of the Resurrection of Christ!! Constantine knew from experience that the great power of the Christian message came from the preaching of the Resurrection of Christ. Immediately upon assuming the purple, he set about to insidiously undermine and then eliminate this cardinal doctrine.

  5. Emperor Constantine acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ as God based on his conviction, his prophetic vision, and his political aims. During 300 years, different Roman Emperors are recorded to have persecuted the church, trying to wipe out the Christian faith, but it didn’t work. And although there are many political and controversial opinions ...

  6. Here is an excerpt from the Catholic Encyclopedia (online) on Constantine: “In the dedication of Constantinople in 330 a ceremonial half pagan, half Christian was used. The chariot of the sun ...

  7. Constantine the greatest Roman Emperor Anti-Trinitarians falsely portray Constantine as a pagan sun worshipper who had no faith in Christ and was practically the sole author of the Nicene creed. They paint the Nicene council as being run by a pagan with "no understanding" of Christian doctrine and then imply that Constantine drafted the final ...

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