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  1. Sep 23, 2022 · In the early fourth century, the emperor Constantine claimed to have had a vision indicating support by the Christian God for his efforts to become the sole emperor of the Western Roman Empire,...

  2. 3 days ago · Christianity played a role in ending practices such as human sacrifice, [6] infanticide and polygamy. [7] : 309 Christianity in general affected the status of women by condemning marital infidelity, divorce, incest, polygamy, birth control, infanticide (female infants were more likely to be killed), and abortion.

  3. Sep 20, 2022 · They are often surprised at how many symbols are crammed into such a small space. If there is time, we also look at dollar bills, which have even more symbols, plus more Latin phrases than any coin of Constantine’s. This source is a part of the Constantine and Christianity teaching module.

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  5. 3 days ago · The establishment of Christianity as state religion dates to the time of Eastern Orthodox missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Basil I (r. 867–886) who baptised the Serbs sometime before sending imperial admiral Nikita Orifas to Knez Mutimir for aid in the war against the Saracens in 869, after ...

  6. 2 days ago · Nine years after Diocletian celebrated twenty years of stable rule with sacrifices on a smoking altar in the Roman Forum and the most severe persecution of Christians in the empire's history, the victorious Constantine I entered Rome and, without offering sacrifice, bypassed the altar on the capitol completely.

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