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  1. Constantine was a Roman emperor that stood up for Christianity in a time when the faith was not accepted. He helped to make the religion legal, and he created cathedrals and united the religion.

  2. The worksheet and quiz are effective at letting you see how much you know about Constantine's relationship to Christianity. Constantine's capital city and facts about a cathedral he built are on ...

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    What did Constantine do during his reign as Emperor?

    What did Constantine's father do as a child?

    Who was the Roman Emperor that made Christianity legal?

    Why did Constantine have a faith in God?

  4. History of Christianity in Europe: Lesson for Kids. Worksheet. 1. Christianity split between which two beliefs during the division of the Roman Empire? Orthodox and Protestant. Catholic and ...

  5. Jun 04, 2020 · Constantine the Great. In 312 CE, Constantine battled for control of the Western Roman Empire. Legend says that he had a vision of a flaming cross and the words ''in this sign thou shalt conquer.''

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    PDF (5.86 MB) TpT Digital Activity. This resource is a reading passage that covers the life of Constantine. You can give students three sets of comprehension questions: 5 questions, 10 questions, or 15 questions. There are definitions, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and sentence response options.

  7. The conversion of Constantine is an event that elevated Christianity to political prominence and power. Although it began with a vision, Constantine's faith permeated his reign. Flying directly in ...

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    But then as the Roman decline continued, Emperor Constantine allowed the worship of Jesus and then eventually converted to Christianity (23)_____. Answers: Any understanding of Christianity has to start with Judaism because Jesus was born a Jew, and he grew up in the Jewish (1) tradition .

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    Feb 26, 2016 · Roman Emperor Constantine and the real start of the Easter Festival As we say above, a long time ago people used to celebrate when Spring arrived. People used to believe that changes in seasons were guided by spirits or gods, and that the blooming of plants and flowers and animals coming out of their hibernation and the return of birds brought ...

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    May 09, 2021 · (b) (i) Christianity (c) (ii) Entrance to the church is non-descript. (d) (iv) Both (z) and (ii) (e) According to Greek belief the ‘stone of anointing’ is the place where Christ was removed from the cross (f) Emperor Constantine built the Rotunda to venerate the place of burial of Jesus. He built this structure to protect the Holy Sepulchre.

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