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  1. Flavia Julia Helena Augusta (also known as Saint Helena and Helena of Constantinople, / ˈ h ɛ l ə n ə /; Greek: Ἑλένη, Helénē; c. AD 246/248– c. 330) was an Augusta and Empress of the Roman Empire and mother of Emperor Constantine the Great.

  2. Lake, Kirsopp, The Sinaitic and Vatican manuscripts and the copies sent by Eusebius to Constantine, Harvard Theological Review, vol. XI (1918) McDonald & Sanders, The Canon Debate; Price, I. M. (1923), The Ancestry of Our English Bible an Account of Manuscripts, Texts and Versions of the Bible, Sunday School Times Co, s. 146 f.

  3. Jul 17, 2020 · The Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, narrates the history of the people of Israel over about a millennium, beginning with God’s creation of the world and humankind, and contains the stories, laws ...

  4. The Western Roman Empire is still ruled by Rome. In 410 the Visogoth king, Alaric, attacks Rome for three days. In 476 the last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustus, is thrown out of Rome by German invader Odoacer. 412 A.D. Eastern Roman Empire continues (412 - 565 A.D.). Emperor Constantine I has made Constantinople his capital in 330.

  5. First Christian emperor. In the spring of 311, with 40,000 soldiers behind him, Constantine rode toward Rome to confront an enemy whose numbers were four times his own.

  6. Nov 09, 2018 · Icon depicting the Emperor Constantine, accompanied by the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea (325), holding the Niceno–Constantinopolitan Creed of 381. ( Public Domain ) During the 4th century AD, there was a controversy within Christianity regarding the nature of the Godhead , specifically the nature of God the Son in relation to God ...

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    Constantine's son Constantius II, who had become emperor of the eastern part of the Roman Empire, actually encouraged the Arians and set out to reverse the Nicene Creed. His advisor in these affairs was Eusebius of Nicomedia, who had already at the Council of Nicaea been the head of the Arian party, who also was made the bishop of Constantinople.

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