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    1 day ago · Spanish colonization began in earnest when López de Legazpi arrived from Mexico in 1565 and formed the first settlements in Cebu. Beginning with just five ships and five hundred men accompanied by Augustinian friars, and further strengthened in 1567 by two hundred soldiers, he was able to repel the Portuguese and create the foundations for the ...

  2. Uruguay - Wikipedia › wiki › Uruguay

    1 day ago · Uruguay then became a zone of contention between the Spanish and Portuguese empires. In 1603, the Spanish began to introduce cattle, which became a source of wealth in the region. The first permanent Spanish settlement was founded in 1624 at Soriano on the Río Negro. In 1669–71, the Portuguese built a fort at Colonia del Sacramento.

  3. Andorra - Wikipedia › wiki › Andorra

    1 day ago · Principality of Andorra Principat d'Andorra (Catalan) a Flag Coat of arms Motto: Virtus Unita Fortior "United virtue is stronger" Anthem: El Gran Carlemany (Catalan) "The Great Charlemagne" Location of Andorra (centre of green circle) in Europe (dark grey) – [Legend] Capital and largest city Andorra la Vella Official languages Catalan b Ethnic groups (2017) 48.8% Andorran 25.1% Spanish 12% ...

  4. Peru - Wikipedia › wiki › Peru

    1 day ago · Spanish is spoken natively by 82.6% of the population, Quechua by 13.9%, and Aymara by 1.7%, while other languages are spoken by the remaining 1.8%. [149] Spanish language is used by the government and is the mainstream language of the country, which is used by the media and in educational systems and commerce.

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  5. Latin America - Wikipedia › wiki › Latin_America

    1 day ago · Latin America is a group of Western Hemispheric countries and dependencies where Romance languages (derived from Latin), principally Spanish, Portuguese and, to a lesser extent, French, are predominantly spoken.

    • 20,111,457 km² (7,765,077 sq mi)
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