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    • Use the following steps to calculate closing inventory by the gross profit method:

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      • Add the cost of beginning inventory to the cost of purchases during the period. This is the cost of goods available for sale.
      • Multiply the gross profit percentage by sales to find the estimated cost of goods sold.
      • Subtract the cost of goods available for sold from the cost of goods sold to get the ending inventory.,of%20goods%20sold%20to%20get%20the%20ending%20inventory.
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  2. Ending Inventory Formula | Step by Step Calculation | Examples
    • FIFO
    • LIFO
    • Weighted Average Cost Method
    • Ending Inventory Formula – Example #1
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    Under First in First Out Inventory Method, the first item purchased is the first item sold which means that the cost of purchase of the first item is the cost of the first item sold which results in closing Inventory reported by the business on its Balance sheet showing the approximate current cost as its value is based on the most recent purchase. Thus in an Inflationary environment i.e. when prices are rising Ending Inventory will be higher using this method compared to the other methods.

    Under Last In First Out Inventory Method, the last item purchased is the cost of the first item sold which result in closing Inventory reported by the Business on its Balance Sheet depicts the cost of earliest items purchased. Ending Inventory is valued on the Balance Sheet using the earlier costs and in an inflationary environment LIFO ending Inventory is less than the current cost. Thus in an Inflationary environment i.e. when prices are rising Ending Inventory will be lower.

    Under this, the average cost per unit is computed by dividing the total cost of goods available for sale. Ending Inventory equation is valued by multiplying the average cost per unit by the number of units available at the end of the reporting period.Let’s see some simple to advanced examples of the calculation of Ending Inventory Formula.

    ABC Limited started the production with opening Inventory worth $100000. During the month of January ABC Limited purchased Inventory amounting to $50000 on 16th January and $30000 on 25th January. On 29th January ABC Limited sold products amounting to $ 120000. Calculate the Ending Inventory for the same.Based on the above information, the calculation of the Ending Inventory equation is as follows:So, Ending Inventory will be –Thus the value of Ending Inventory is $60,000.

    Let’s take one more example to understand how Ending Inventory valuation is done using different methods of Inventory Valuation.XYZ Limited has furnished the Inventory data for the month March 2018. Do the Calculation of Ending Inventory under the LIFO, FIFO, and Weighted Average Cost Method.Inventory Data – By using the above-given data, do the calculation of the ending inventory using all three methods.Using FIFO Ending Inventory FormulaSince the first purchased units are sold first, the va...

  3. Ending Inventory Formula | Calculator (Excel template)

    Ending Inventory Formula Calculator; Ending Inventory Formula. Ending inventory is the inventory account balance at the end of an accounting period which reflects the balance after the purchase of additional inventory along with the sale of finished inventory during the period.

  4. How to Calculate Ending Inventory: Formula and Steps |

    Apr 17, 2020 · The ending inventory value derived from the FIFO method shows the current cost of product based on the most recent item purchased. This method of calculating ending inventory is formed from the belief that companies sell their oldest items first to keep the newest items in stock.

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    Online accounting calculator to calculate the ending inventory cost of sold goods or product. Code to add this calci to your website Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator.

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    Oct 20, 2018 · Ending inventory for the month is $50,000 plus $4,000 minus $25,000, or $29,000. This calculation can also be used to calculate ending inventory in units. For example, say a company starts the month with 50 units of inventory, purchases another 4 units of inventory and sells 25 units of inventory. Ending inventory is 50 plus 4 minus 25, or 29 ...

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    Sarah reviews the inventory log, salary compensations, receipts for equipment, and various company records in order to obtain all of the information that is needed to calculate ending inventory ...

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    Dec 09, 2019 · Ending Inventory: At its most basic level, ending inventory can be calculated by adding new purchases to beginning inventory , then subtracting costs of goods sold .

  9. Lifo and Fifo Calculator to calculate ending Inventory

    However, our fifo calculator is a significant tool that helps you to understand how to calculate fifo ending inventory! Lifo – Last In First Out Method: Lifo or Last in first out is an efficient technique that is used in the valuation of inventory, the goods which were added to the stock will be removed from the stock first.

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    Mar 14, 2019 · The calculation of inventory purchases is: (Ending inventory - Beginning inventory) + Cost of goods sold = Inventory purchases. Thus, the steps needed to derive the amount of inventory purchases are: Obtain the total valuation of beginning inventory, ending inventory, and the cost of goods sold. Subtract beginning inventory from ending inventory.

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    May 13, 2017 · Average Inventory Calculation. In the first case, where you are simply trying to avoid using a sudden spike or drop in the month-end inventory number, the average inventory calculation is to add together the beginning inventory and ending inventory balances for a single month, and divide by two. The formula is: