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  1. A social movement and pressure group that employs street demonstrations as its main tactic, the EDL presents itself as a single-issue movement opposed to Islamism and Islamic extremism, although its rhetoric and actions target Islam and Muslims more widely. Founded in 2009, its heyday lasted until 2011, after which it entered a decline.

    • 27 June 2009; 12 years ago
    • Alan Lake, Tommy Robinson (2009–13), Kevin Carroll (2009–13), Paul Ray (2009)
    • Tim Ablitt
    • Originated in Luton, England
  2. The English Defence League (EDL) believes that British society is under attack by Muslim extremists. Since 2009, the group has held what British media has routinely referred to as “aggressive rallies” across England. * The EDL claims to stand for English rights, democracy, and rule of law.

  3. The English Defence League, or in short EDL, is a street protest group in the United Kingdom which is against Sharia law and Islamism. The group was founded in 2009 in Luton by Tommy Robinson. Groups including Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Anonymous are against the EDL.

    • Membership Size and Relevance
    • Recruitment and Propaganda
    • Violent Activities
    • Rhetoric

    The EDL does not maintain membership lists, but media reports suggested the group had approximately 30,000 members as of 2013. British NGO Hope Not Hate claimed in early 2018 that the EDL has collapsed, though the EDL still maintains an active online presence and calendar of events. The EDL maintains 17 regional chapters throughout England, accordi...

    The EDL maintained Facebook pages for each of its 17 regional chapters. Facebook suspended the EDL in April 2019. After Twitter suspended the EDL’s account in 2017, the group created an account on Gab, a social network populated by far-right groups. The EDL’s website also had a forum available to registered members. The EDL also asked for donations...

    The EDL claims to be committed to non-violence. Nonetheless, its members have been involved in numerous violent clashes with police and other protesters. The Guardianhas produced footage of violent protesters at EDL demonstrations and the group’s plans to elicit violent reactions. Further, others have reportedly been inspired to violence by EDL pro...

    EDL Gab account, June 23, 2018: “Just as Italy’s new government grows a pair and comes down tough on the invasions, Spain goes all soft and weepy and takes in those invaders turned back by Italy ht...
    Alan Spence, tweet, May 8, 2018: “Hey Israel why the fuck are you bombing Syrian army positions? These people are stopping ISIS advancing……Fuck you jew cunts!!”
    EDL Tumblr post, April 22, 2018: “We stand because the Government refuses to stand up for us and the thousands of young women and girls abused by Muslim gangs up and down this country. We call it r...
    EDL Tumblr post, April 22, 2018: “The English Defence League has been pushing back now – for going on 8 years. Little, but some progress has been made but we will not be satisfied until the misogyn...
  4. The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right street protest movement which opposes what it considers to be a spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in the United… You need a TRAC license to view the rest of this content. Learn more

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  6. The English MULTICULTURALIST Defense League (EMDL) (Demographically it is becoming less English and more and more Diverse) are a street protest organisation combating the overwhelming influx of insidious Islamic ways threatening to engulf the United Kingdom ever since football matches became too expensive and well policed for them to attend and give some cunt a good kicking.

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