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  1. How to pronounce chart. How to say chart. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.

  2. Interactive Phonemic Chart Listen to the sounds of English Please wait a few seconds while the chart loads... The symbols on this clickable chart represent the 44 sounds used in British English speech (Received Pronunciation). Click on each symbol or sample word to hear. ( See also: Printable Phonemic Chart)

  3. British English used in dictionaries has a standard set of 44 sounds, these are called phonemes. On the Pronunciation Studio chart, we have two additional sounds (45 and 46) which are alternative versions of phonemes and are known as allophones (more on these below).

  4. The notion of the Alphabetic Code Chart is based on the ‘units of sound mainly at phoneme level’ of the English language and the graphemes which are code for the sounds. This Pronunciation Guide, in contrast, is based on some spelling patterns shown in the left column and provides examples of different pronunciation.

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  5. Aug 06, 2022 · English Sounds Pronunciation Chart based on an original idea and design by Paul Seligson and Carmen Dolz. Pronunciation chart Check your pronunciation of English sounds. Vowels | Consonants shortvowel longvowel diphthong voiced unvoiced hear words and sentences containing these sounds record and listen to yourself saying the words and sentences

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