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    The largest, the English Wikipedia, has over 6.8 million articles. As of January 2021, the English Wikipedia receives 48% of Wikipedia's cumulative traffic, with the remaining split among the other languages. The top 10 editions represent approximately 85% of the total traffic.

  2. As of 2016, 400 million people spoke English as their first language, and 1.1 billion spoke it as a secondary language. [68] English is the largest language by number of speakers. English is spoken by communities on every continent and on islands in all the major oceans.

  3. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia website in 336 languages of the world. 324 languages are currently active and 13 are closed. People can freely use it, share it, and change it, without having to pay. It is also one of the biggest wiki organizations.

  4. Wikipedia currently has more than sixty-three million articles in more than 300 languages, including 6,827,824 articles in English, with 120,533 active contributors in the past month. Wikipedia's fundamental principles are summarized in its five pillars.

  5. The Simple English Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia for people who are learning English. The Simple English Wikipedia's articles can be used to help with school homework or just for the fun of learning about new ideas. Non-English Wikipedias can also translate from the articles here.

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    Culture, language and peoples. English, an adjective for something of, from, or related to England. English, an Amish term for non-Amish, regardless of ethnicity. English studies, the study of English language and literature.

  7. The Simple English Wikipedia is a Simple English language version of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, written in a language that is easy to understand but is still natural and grammatical. The articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use shorter sentences and easier words and grammar than the regular English Wikipedia.

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