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  1. repair definition: 1. to put something that is damaged, broken, or not working correctly, back into good condition or…. Learn more.

  2. sync definition: 1. informal for synchronize: 2. If two things are in/out of sync, they reach the same or related…. Learn more.

  3. louvre definition: a door or window with flat sloping pieces of wood, metal, or glass across it to allow light and air…. Learn more.

  4. forecast definition: 1. a statement of what is judged likely to happen in the future, especially in connection with a…. Learn more.

  5. chrysalis definition: 1. a moth or butterfly at the stage of development when it is covered by a hard case, before it…. Learn more.

  6. vegetation definition: 1. plants in general, or plants that are found in a particular area: 2. plants in general, or…. Learn more.

  7. sentiment definition: 1. a thought, opinion, or idea based on a feeling about a situation, or a way of thinking about…. Learn more.

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