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  1. Apr 28, 2011 · The Invention of Writing. The Sumerians first invented writing as a means of long-distance communication which was necessitated by trade. With the rise of the cities in Mesopotamia, and the need for resources which were lacking in the region, long-distance trade developed and, with it, the need to be able to communicate across the expanses between cities or regions.

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    The Saudi Arabian black metal band Al-Namrood is named after Nimrod. Idiom. The term "nimrod" is sometimes used in English to mean either a tyrant or a skillful hunter. In modern North American English, the term "nimrod" is often used sarcastically to mean a dimwitted or a stupid person, a usage first recorded in 1932.

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    The earliest known usages of the term Anunnaki come from inscriptions written during the reign of Gudea (c. 2144–2124 BC) and the Third Dynasty of Ur. In the earliest texts, the term is applied to the most powerful and important deities in the Sumerian pantheon: the descendants of the sky-god An.

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    Nergal est un dieu des Enfers du panthéon mésopotamien.Il est considéré couramment comme une divinité d'origine sémitique, cohabitant avec la déesse infernale sumérienne, Ereshkigal, qui est à partir d'un certain moment de l'histoire religieuse mésopotamienne considérée comme sa parèdre, comme décrit dans le mythe de Nergal et Ereshkigal.

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