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  1. “You have known, O Gilgamesh, What interests me, To drink from the Well of Immortality. Which means to make the dead Rise from their graves And the prisoners from their cells The sinners from their sins. I think love's kiss kills our heart of flesh. It is the only way to eternal life, Which should be unbearable if lived Among the dying flowers

  2. 20 of the best book quotes from The Epic of Gilgamesh 01 Share “Even as one did thy mother bear thee, she the wild cow of the cattle stalls, Ninsunna, whose head she exalted more than a husband. Royal power over the people Enlil has decreed for thee.” Anonymous author The Epic of Gilgamesh book Enkidu character power ᐧ destiny ᐧ kings concepts 02

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  4. Like. “When there’s no way out, you just follow the way in front of you.”. ― Anonymous, The Epic of Gilgamesh. 9 likes. Like. “When all the illusions of personal immortality are stripped away, there is only the act to maintain the freedom to act.”. ― John Gardner, The Epic of Gilgamesh. tags: gilgamesh.

  5. Enmerkar. You have to hold back yourself. Calm down; your heart will prompt you to achieve nothing. An assembly of priests to Ensuhkeshdanna. If my city becomes a ruin mound, then I will be a potsherd of it, but I will never submit to the lord of Unug, the lord of Kulaba. Ensuhkeshdanna.

  6. Mar 23, 2020 · In the Sumerian King List, Enmerkar appears as the second king of the First Dynasty of Uruk. His father was Meskiaggasher (Mesh-ki-ang-gasher), the son of the god Utu (the twin of the goddess Inanna, the Queen of Heaven), later worshipped as Shamash, the Mesopotamian Sun god associated with justice, truth, and morality. Utu, on the other hand ...

  7. The great gods paled at its immensity, gigantic rays reach up to heaven (and) the earth tremble to its core…” “Come to Uruk of the strong walls To Inanna ‘s Temple of Love, And to the Eanna, Where the Sky God An can be found…” “Come to ramparted Uruk There the holy temple of Eanna Where the Great God An lives,

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