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  1. In general, the cysts are 10-35 µm in size and are generally spherical in shape. They are colorless and smooth in texture. The cyst wall is very refractile. The most striking feature is the presence of eight cores. These nuclei tend to be the same size. As in the trophozoite, the karyosome is eccentric.

  2. Nov 14, 2021 · Entamoeba coli , similar to other specifies, has three distinct morphological forms: trophozoite, pre-cystic stage, and cystic stage. [2] The trophozoite form, which measures 20 to 25 μm, is minimally mobile. [23] The core of the trophozoite is slightly oval in shape with a nucleus surrounded by a thick membrane.

    • Akhlema Haidar, Orlando De Jesus
    • 2021/11/14
  3. The Entamoeba coli cyst typically has two to four times more nuclei than cysts in E. histolytica. The Entamoeba coli cyst has been reported to become more refractive during fixation so that it often is visualized better in a wet preparation. 4 Generally, Entamoeba coli still is regarded by most investigators as a commensal organism.

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  5. Each parasite secretes a thin, rounded, resistant, colourless and transparent cyst wall around it. The cysts of Entamoeba histolytica vary in size. Its cytoplasm is clear and each cyst is mononucleate at this stage. Presence of chromatoid bodies is the characteristic of the cysts of Entamoeba histolytica.

  6. Entamoeba coli – Cyst. Cyst is the infective stage to human. Cysts detected in faecal specimens of infected human. Diagnostic Features. Shape: Spherical. Size: 15 – 25 mm (range 10 to 35 µm) – larger than histolytica. Nuclei: Contains up to 8 nuclei (usually >4 visible; need to change fine focus to see nuclei in different planes)

  7. E. coli has cysts in size to 10 to 35 micrometers, the shape is irregular, oval with a shell-like appearance that is more uniformed compared to E. histolytica, and has up to eight nuclei in the cyst compared to the four nuclei of E. histolytica.

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