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  1. Trophozoites of Entamoeba coli usually measure 15–50 µm. The trophozoites have a single nucleus with a characteristically large, eccentric karyosome and coarse, irregular peripheral chromatin. The cytoplasm is usually coarsely granular and vacuolated (often described as “dirty” cytoplasm).

  2. Feb 12, 2023 · Entamoeba coli is a common protozoan found in stool worldwide. It is essential to identify and differentiate this non-pathologic protozoan from those causing significant disease. Infection with Entamoeba coli is a sign of fecal-oral contamination. Prevention through proper hand hygiene and avoidance of contaminated food and water.

  3. Nov 7, 2022 · National Center for Biotechnology Information

    • Akhlema Haidar, Orlando De Jesus
    • 2022/11/07
  4. Entamoeba coli – Cyst. Nuclei: Contains up to 8 nuclei (usually >4 visible; need to change fine focus to see nuclei in different planes) Large, eccentric karyosome in nucleus; Regular, coarse chromatin dots on nuclear membrane. Chromatoid bars visible occasionally – splinter-like with pointed ends.

  5. Entamoeba coli has a worldwide distribution and is one of the most commonly reported Entamoeba species in clinical specimens. Non-human primates may serve as reservoir hosts. Trophozoites of E. coli measure 15–50 μm and have a single nucleus with irregular peripheral chromatin and a usually eccentric karyosome.

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