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  1. Paniker's Textbook of Medical Parasitology, 7th Edition (2013) [PDF]

  2. Presence of active trophozoite/s: Motile retractile bodies. Cyst, oocyst, egg, inactive trophozite/s, larvae: Retractile bodies and finally focus at high dry power field. Keynotes on Saline Wet Mount Microscopy. There is little difference between normal and physiological saline. Physiological saline is 0.85% NaCl whereas normal saline is 0.9% NaCl.

  3. Blastocystis spp., Giardia lamblia, and Entamoeba coli were the most common intestinal protozoan with a prevalence of 12.2%, 1.6%, and 1.4%, respectively. E. histolytica/E. dispar/E. moshkovskii , Iodamoeba bütschlii , Cryptosporidium spp., Chilomastix mesnili as protozoan species and Hymenolepis nana, Dicrocoelium dendriticum, and Ascaris ...

  4. 20 3.24 STOOL MICROSCOPY Three protozoan parasites which may be found in human stool are: - Rhizopodea (amoebae) e.g. Entamoeba histolytica - Zoomastigophora (flagellates) e.g. Giarelia Intesinalis - Ciliatea (ciliates) e.g. Balantidium coli EXAMININATION OF FAECES It is viewed under light microscope at x10 and x40 First you view ...

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