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    Entamoebidae. Cavalier-Smith 1993. Genera. † Entamoebites. Entamoeba. Synonyms. Entamoebinae Chatton 1953. Entamoebidae is a family of Archamoebae . It includes Entamoeba and Entamoebites.

    • Entamoebidae, Cavalier-Smith 1993
    • Amoebozoa
  2. Entamoebidae. Taxonavigation ... Réflections sur la biologie et la phylogénie des protozoaires. Annales des sciences naturelles. Zoologie Série 10, 8: 5–84.

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  4. Entamoebidae. A taxonomic family within the order Mastigamoebida – certain amoebas.

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    Entamoeba is a genus of Amoebozoa found as internal parasites or commensals of animals.. In 1875, Fedor Lösch described the first proven case of amoebic dysentery in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    • Entamoeba, Casagrandi & Barbagallo, 1897
    • Entamoebidae
  6. Entamoeba gingivalis is an opportunistic Amoebozoa and is the first amoeba in humans to be described. It is found in the mouth inside the gingival pocket biofilm near the base of the teeth, and in periodontal pockets. Entamoeba gingivalis is found in 95% of people with gum disease and rarely in people with healthy gums. Cyst formation is not present; therefore transmission is direct from one person to another by kissing, or by sharing eating utensils. Only the trophozoites are formed and the siz

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