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  1. House of Estridsen - Wikipedia

    Valdemar IV (d. 1312), Duke of Schleswig from 1283, married Elisabeth, a daughter of John I, Duke of Saxony. Eric II (c. 1290 – 12 March 1325), Duke of Schleswig from 1312, married Adelaide, a daughter of Henry I, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg. Valdemar V (1314–1364), Duke of Schleswig from 1325 to 1326 and from 1330 to 1364, King of Denmark ...

  2. Frederick VIII, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Duke Frederick VIII (Danish: Frederik Christian August af Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Augustenborg; German: Friedrich Christian August Herzog von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg) (July 6, 1829 – January 14, 1880) was the German pretender to the throne of Schleswig-Holstein from 1863, although in reality Prussia took overlordship and real administrative power.

  3. List of rulers of Estonia - Wikipedia

    Eric II Klipping (Erik Klipping) 1282–86 (restored) c. 1249 eldest son of Christopher I and Margaret Sambiria: Agnes of Brandenburg 11 November 1273 Schleswig Cathedral seven children 22 November 1286 Finderup aged 36–37 Eric III Menved (Erik Menved) 1286–1319 c. 1274 eldest son of Eric II and Agnes of Brandenburg: Ingeborg of Sweden June ...

  4. Valdemar I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Childhood. Valdemar was the son of Canute Lavard, Duke of Schleswig, the chivalrous and popular eldest son of King Eric I of Denmark.Valdemar's father was murdered by King Magnus I of Sweden days before the birth of Valdemar; his mother, Ingeborg of Kiev, daughter of Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden, named him after her grandfather, Grand Prince Vladimir ...

  5. Template talk:Chart top/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

    I have piped the link to Eric I, Duke of Schleswig. Another time, please try to be accurate with page names and spelling so it's easier to find what you refer to. PrimeHunter 15:19, 22 April 2010 (UTC) Edit request from Pohick2, 27 May 2010

  6. Abel al Danemarcei - Wikipedia

    Duce de Schleswig. La moartea lui Valdemar al II-lea al Danemarcei, în 1241, fratele Ducelui Abel, Eric, a aderat la tronul Danemarcei ca Eric al IV-lea. Următorii ani, Ducele Abel s-a luptat împotriva fratelui său, încercând să obțină independența pentru Ducatul său.

  7. Erik Pomeranski — Vikipedija, slobodna enciklopedijaЕрик_Померански

    19. Adelaide of Schlagen ... Eric II, Duke of Schleswig ... Članci sa nepotvrđenim izjavama od 01. 2017.

  8. Margrethe II of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Margrethe II (pronounced [mɑˈkʁeˀtə]; born Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid; 16 April 1940) is the Queen of Denmark, the supreme authority of the Church of Denmark and the commander-in-chief of the Danish Defence.

  9. Albert of Mecklenburg | European Royal History

    (Helvig of Schleswig was the daughter of Eric II, Duke of Schleswig, and Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg, and the sister of Waldemar V, Duke of Schleswig. Her date of birth is not known, but she and her brother were children at the time of her father’s death in 1325, and she is estimated to have been born in around the year 1320).

  10. October 14 - Wikipedia

    1609 – Ernest Günther, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (d. 1689) 1630 – Sophia of Hanover (d. 1714) 1633 – James II of England (d. 1701) 1639 – Simon van der Stel, Dutch commander and politician, 1st Governor of the Dutch Cape Colony (d. 1712) 1643 – Bahadur Shah I, Mughal emperor (d. 1712)

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