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    Eric I (d. 27 May 1272), Duke of Schleswig from 1260, married Margaret, a daughter of Jaromar II, Prince of Rugia Valdemar IV (d. 1312), Duke of Schleswig from 1283, married Elisabeth, a daughter of John I, Duke of Saxony

  2. king Eric I Estridsen, of Denmark (c.1056 - 1103) - Genealogy

    Erik I 'the Evergood' Svendsson, King of Denmark was the son of Svend II Estrithson, King of Denmark and Gunhilda Sweynsdottir. He married Bothilde Thorgautsdottir, daughter of Thorgaut Ulvson. He died on 10 July 1103 at Cyprus. Erik I 'the Evergood' Svendsson, King of Denmark succeeded to the title of King Erik I of Denmark in 1095.

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    Eric II of Denmark (m.1130 Malmfred, Princess of Kiev) Born 1090 Died July 18, 1137 (47 years) Canute Lavard, Duke of Schleswig (m.1116 Ingeborg, Princess of Kiev) (1 son, 3 daughters) Born March 12, 1096 Died January 7, 1131 (34 years) Ragnhild, Princess of Denmark (m.1119 Hakon Sunnivasson) (1 son) Born 1100 Died 1161 (61 years)

    • Olaf I of Denmark
    • Niels of Denmark
    • 1095 - July 10, 1103  (8 years)
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    The name of the Estridsen dynasty recalls their acquisition of the Danish crown through the marriage of Ulf the Earl to Estrid Svendsdatter of the House of Knýtlinga, daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard and sister of Cnut the Great. Later genealogies trace the family from Jomsviking leader Styrbjörn the Strong, a scion of the Swedish royal family, who are in turn given a descent from legendary King Sigurd Hring, regarded as mythical by most modern historians. The reliable ancestry traces no earlier than Ulf's own father, the obscure Thorgil Sprakling. The dynasty reached its peak with the Kalmar Union, when its members reigned as kings of Denmark, Norway and Sweden in personal union. The dynasty came to end in 1412 with the death of its last member Queen Margaret I. All of the subsequent monarchs of Denmarks were cognatic descendants of the House of Estridsen.

    From Thorgil Sprakling to Eric I the Good

    1. Thorgil Sprakling 1.1. Ulf the Earl, murdered in 1026, probably Jarl in England from 1017, married Estrid Svendsdatter (990/997 — 1057/1073), a daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard (c.960 – 1014) and a sister of Cnut the Great (c.985 or 995 – 1035) 1.1.1. Sweyn II of Denmark (c.1019 – 1076), Jarl from 1042, King of Denmark from 1047 Sweyn the Crusader, murdered in 1097, married Florine (d. 1097), the daughter of Odo I, Duke of Burgundy Harald III (c.1040– 1080) Sigrid, ma...

    From Eric the Good to Christopher I

    1. Eric I the Good (c.1060, Slangerup, Denmark – 10 July 1103, Paphos, Cyprus), Jarl of Zealand from 1080, King of Denmark from 1095 — for his ancestors, see above 1.1. Saint Canute Lavard (March 12, 1096 – 7 January 1131), King of Southern Jutland from 1115, King of the Wends from 1129, married Ingeborg, a daughter of Mstislav I of Kiev 1.1.1. Christina (c.1118–1139), married King Magnus IV of Norway 1.1.2. Valdemar the Great (14 January 1131 – 12 May 1182), King of Denmark, married in 1157...

    Dukes of Schleswig (Abelslægten)

    1. Abel (1218 – 29 June 1252), King of Denmark from 1250, married Matilda of Holstein (d. 1288) — for his ancestors, see above 1.1. Valdemar III (d. 1257), Duke of Duchy of Schleswig, (or, as the Danes call it, Southern Jutland) from 1253 1.2. Sophie (born 1240, d. aft. 1284), married Bernhard I, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg (ca. 1218–1287); Christian I of Denmarkwas their great-great-great-great-grandson, the current Queen Margaret II descends from Christian I 1.3. Eric I (d. 27 May 1272), Duke...

  5. Eric V of Denmark - Wikipedia

    She was the daughter of Sambor II, Duke of Pomerania and Matilda of Mecklenberg, and was a clever and intelligent woman. Immediately, she had to fight to keep her son on the throne from two powerful enemies; Archbishop Jacob Erlandsen (ca. 1220-1274) and Erik Abelsøn who was Duke of Schleswig from 1260 until his death in 1272. Archbishop Erlandsen had excommunicated the bishop who had anointed young Eric as king.

  6. Margaret I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The proposal was for King Eric to marry Henry's daughter Philippa, and for Henry's son, the Prince of Wales and future Henry V of England, to marry Eric's sister Catherine. According to Marc Shell, Margaret's vision was that one day, two unions would unite to recreate Cnut the Great 's Empire of the North. [45]

  7. List of Danish consorts - Wikipedia

    This list of Danish consorts includes each queen consort (wife of a reigning king) and each prince consort (husband of a reigning queen). Due to unions (personal and real), the queens of 1380–1814 (effectively from 1406) were also queens of Norway, and the queens of 1389–1521 (effectively from 1406) were also (though with interruptions) queens of Sweden

  8. Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    In 1260/61 Albert's troops fought against the Danish duke Eric I of Schleswig on behalf of Queen Margaret Sambiria and her minor son King Eric V of Denmark. In 1263 the duke quite luckless interfered in the War of the Thuringian Succession to support the claims raised by his mother-in-law Sophie of Brabant .

  9. Helvig of Schleswig - Wikipedia

    Helvig was the daughter of Eric II, Duke of Schleswig, and Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg, and the sister of Valdemar V, Duke of Schleswig. Her date of birth is not known, but she and her brother were children at the time of her father's death in 1325, and she is estimated to have been born in around the year 1320.

  10. Kings and Queens of Denmark 936 - Present Day - Totally Timelines

    Kings and Queens of Denmark 936 – Present Day 27/07/2020 22/03/2018 by Heather Y Wheeler This timeline details all Kings and Queens of Denmark from 936 to present day