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  1. Eric I "the Good", king of Denmark - geni family tree

    Erik I 'the Evergood' Svendsson, King of Denmark was the son of Svend II Estrithson, King of Denmark and Gunhilda Sweynsdottir. He married Bothilde Thorgautsdottir, daughter of Thorgaut Ulvson. He died on 10 July 1103 at Cyprus. Erik I 'the Evergood' Svendsson, King of Denmark succeeded to the title of King Erik I of Denmark in 1095.

  2. Eric I Abelsøn was a Danish nobleman. Once logged in, you can add biography in the database

  3. Valdemar Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig (1265 — 1312), Duke ...

    Valdemar IV Eriksøn was Duke of Schleswig from 1283 until his death in 1312.

  4. Erich Eric II, Duke of Schleswig (1288 — March 12, 1325 ...

    Eric II Valdemarsøn was from 1312 until his death in 1325.

  5. Eric IV of Denmark - Wikipedia

    He was born ca. 1216 as the second legitimate son of King Valdemar II by his second wife Berengária of Portugal. [2] In 1218, when his older half-brother Valdemar the Youngwas crowned king as their father's co-ruler and designated heir, he was created Duke of Schleswig. After the premature death of Valdemar in 1231, Eric was crowned king at Lund Cathedral30 May 1232 as his father's co-ruler and heir.

    • 30 May 1232
    • Abel
  6. Abel Abelsøn, Lord of Langeland, was the third son of King Abel of Denmark, Duke of Schleswig and younger brother of Valdemar III, Duke of Schleswig and Eric I, Duke of Schleswig.

  7. Eric V of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Duke Eric was a nephew of King Christopher and had been in frequent conflict with the king. Taking advantage of the situation, Chief Jaromar II of Rügen (c. 1218–1260) gathered an army of Wends and invaded Zealand. Queen Margaret raised an army, but was soundly defeated in 1259 near Ringsted.

  8. History of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    On the death of King Valdemar's descendant Eric VI of Denmark in 1319, Christopher II of Denmark attempted to seize the Duchy of Schleswig, the heir of which Duke Valdemar V (as of 1325) was a minor; but Valdemar's guardian and uncle, Gerhard III, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg (1304–1340), surnamed the Great and a notable warrior, drove back ...

  9. Geesthacht

    Eric III Eric III of Saxe-Bergedorf-Mölln Eric Duke Eric III pawned Geesthacht - as part of the Herrschaft of Bergedorf - to the Free City of Lübeck in 1370. So he pawned - in return for 16,262.5 Lübeck marks - all the remaining unencumbered parts of his branch duchy, to wit the Herrschaft of Bergedorf, the Vierlande, his half of the Saxon ...

  10. Margrethe I của Đan Mạch – Wikipedia tiếng Việtủa_Đan_Mạch

    Eric I, Duke of Schleswig: 12. Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig: 25. Margaret of Rügen (d. 1272) 6. ... Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press ...

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