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  1. Index of Denmark-related articles - Wikipedia

    List of World War II aces from Denmark; March across the Belts; Military museums in Denmark; Occupation of Denmark; ... Eric IV of Denmark; Eric V of Denmark; Eric VI ...

  2. Eric - Wikipedia

    Eric II of Denmark, king of Denmark between 1134 and 1137 Eric III of Denmark, king of Denmark from 1137 until he abdicated in 1146 Eric IV of Denmark, king of Denmark from 1241 until his murder in 1250 Eric V of Denmark, son of Christopher I, reigned from 1259 to his murder in 1286

  3. Eric of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    Eric of Pomerania (1381 or 1382 – 24 September 1459) was the ruler of the Kalmar Union from 1396 until 1439, succeeding his grandaunt, Queen Margaret I. He is numbered Eric III as King of Norway (1389–1442), Eric VII as King of Denmark (1396–1439) and Eric XIII [a] as King of Sweden (1396–1434, 1436–39).

  4. House of Oldenburg - Wikipedia

    The House of Oldenburg is a European dynasty of North German/Danish origin. It is one of Europe's most influential royal houses, with branches that rule or have ruled in Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Schleswig, Holstein, and Oldenburg.

  5. Christian I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    However, the Swedish nobility now took steps to avoid war with Denmark. In June 1450, the Swedish Council of the Realm forced Charles to renounce his claim on Norway to King Christian. In the summer of 1450, Christian sailed to Norway with a large fleet, and on 2 August he was crowned king of Norway in Trondheim .

  6. August 10 is the 222nd day of the year ... Polish writer and World War II Resistance activist ... 1250 – King Eric IV of Denmark (b. 1216).

  7. 1250 – King Eric IV of Denmark (b. 1216) 1472 – Janos Vitez, Croatian humanist (b. 1408) 1534 – Thomas Cajetan, Italian theologian (b. 1470) 1580 – Metrophanes III, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (b. 1520) 1601 – Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia (b. 1558) 1816 – Johann August Apel, German jurist and writer (b. 1771)

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    This is an index of Denmark-related articles and topics related to the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark , officially the Kingdom of Denmark , is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. Denmark proper consists of a peninsula, Jutland, and an archipelago of 443 named islands, with the largest being Zealand, Funen and the North Jutlandic Island.

  9. 1250s - Wikipedia

    World climate transitions from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age. Medieval music: The Notre Dame school of polyphony ends. Europe. February – After the death of Erik Eriksson on February 2, Valdemar I, who is the eldest son of Birger jarl, is elected king of Sweden, and becomes the first Swedish king of the Folkung House.

  10. Seal of Eric in known use 1289–98, with obverse (left) and reverse (right). A promi­nent fea­ture of Eirik's reign was the war with Den­mark, called the War of the Out­laws (De fredløses krig), which was waged on and off from 1289 until 1295.

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