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    Ernest T. Bass is a fictional character on the American TV sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. He was played by Howard Morris. Character overview [ edit ] Ernest T. is a rowdy mountain man with a penchant for troublemaking, who wreaks havoc on the otherwise sedate town of Mayberry.

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  2. Ernest T. Bass

    He was so very special. I can’t describe with words the gravity of this loss. For me, 14 years is as good as 14 minutes. He loved the show, loved Ernest T. Bass, and he loved all of you, his fans. This site was a very special place for him. His creativity and his interactivity with you was and still is so very special.

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    In 1986, he reprised his famous role as Ernest T. Bass in the high-rated television movie Return to Mayberry. In 1989, he guest starred on Murder, She Wrote. In 1994, Morris voiced Zinn-a-Zu the Bird, Garfield the Third Fish, the Sneetches and Mr. Fox in Storybook Weaver, and later in 2004, remade as Storybook Weaver Deluxe.

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    Ernest T. Bass is an ignorant and obstreperous mountain man with a penchant for rock throwing, who is known to wreak havoc on the otherwise quiet town of Mayberry. He lives in the mountains neighboring Mayberry, and his appearance in town almost always means trouble for Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife.

  5. The first scene that was ever shot with Ernest T was the scene in the woods with Andy and Don. I slowly ran up that hill, duckin’ in and out of trees, Ernest had finally arrived. This was the birth of Ernest T. Bass! Apparently, after five trys, and just five episodes, I guess I figured it out.

  6. Actor, Director, Producer Morris Dies at 85: Ernest T. Bass ...

    Ernest T. Bass, Atom Ant and more Prolific actor, writer, director and producer Howard Morris died on Saturday, May 21, at age 85.

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  7. Love Poems and Other Sayings by Ernest T. Bass | Southern Living

    Ernest T. Bass only appeared in five episodes of The Andy Griffith Show but boy did he leave a lasting impression. With this being the month of love, we didn’t choose Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare or Love One Another by Kahlil Gibran or even My River by Emily Dickinson. We went straight to the town of Mayberry to share with you the eloquent sayings of Ernest T. Bass.

  8. Andy Griffith - Ernest T Bass Courts Charlene - YouTube

    Aug 10, 2006 · Ernest T bass seranades Charlene with an old original classic

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  10. Ernest T. Bass -- Best Sayings - Mayberry USA

    Re: Ernest T. Bass -- Best Sayings Here it goes, I'll do my best. Please be patient, I wouldn't want to misquote the "Great Ernest T.Bass! "She called me a creechter,I ain't no creechter!"

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