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  1. Comparing to 2003. elections to the local government council in Tallinn SDE and People's Union gained seats. In the 2003 election, SDE got a 4.9% share of votes and People's Union 3.4% share of votes, which were both below a 5% election threshold. In Estonia, SDE local lists won 6.43% share of votes.

  2. The Prime Minister of Estonia (Estonian: peaminister) is the head of government of the Republic of Estonia. The prime minister is nominated by the president after appropriate consultations with the parliamentary factions and confirmed by the parliament . In case of disagreement, the Parliament can reject the president's nomination and choose ...

  3. Estonia, oficialmente República de Estonia (en estonio, Eesti Vabariik), ... El país se encuentra dividido en 15 condados (en estonio: maakond, pl. maakonnad).

  4. Wyspa Państwo Powierzchnia ()Najwyższy punkt (m n.p.m.) ; 1 Gotlandia Szwecja 3140 83 2 Sarema Estonia 2673 54 3 Olandia Szwecja 1342 34 4 Lolland Dania 1242 25 5 Hiuma Estonia

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