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  1. Aug 20, 2017 · Mongul II (with rings) 5. New 52 Martian Manhunter 5. Firestorm 5. Atrocitus 5. Arion High Mage of Atlantis 6. Pre 52 Captain Atom 6. Plasticman 6. Abra Kadabra 6. Kingdom Come Superman 6.

  2. My information comes from wikipedia (and other sorces) and I will be checking the list now and then for updates.(This is an interest since I a 91.7% 11/12 Votes My Favorite DC Characters 23

  3. Feb 14, 2020 · By emperorthanos- July 24, 2019 11 ... Also I'm going to follow a wikipedia style formatting for this. ... By emperorthanos- May 12, 2017 36 Comments.

    • Rules
    • Live Action
    • Fodder
    16 participants total.
    Participants must have 500 post or must have completed atleast 1 CAV or Tourney Match
    10 points for characters
    15 points for perks

    There are probably mistakes especially in my anime side. I did the best I could. But like I said if you give a good enough reason I will change how much a character is worth. I'm also willing to add new character but you have to give reasoning for their points however if multiple participants feel the character shouldn't be allowed then I won't add the character. Oh and I'm not adding any Flash related characters. Also once a character is chosen no one else can use him.

    As with the characters, if you feel a perk is worth too much or too little say so and I may change You can change characters and perks until the tourney has begun after that you can no longer change.

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