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  1. Nov 10, 2020 · CCC #104: Create A Character For The Demon Etrigan. You will create a character for the demon of antiquity. If you know nothing about him you can Click here for wikipedia OR here for the DC ...

  2. Apr 10, 2021 · User Lists: 0. #10 deactivated-60ecdb28037bb. @pepsimax5 said: @omega_king13: I would like to see them and others provided that shit director Zack SNyder won't be involved in DCEU anymore. Zatanna ...

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    Feb 24, 2014 · ETRIGAN: Even less of a burp (as if that were possible) occurred when Demon Knights came out, starring the Demon himself, Etrigan. Now, before the reboot, Etrigan was a force to be reckoned with ...

  4. Jun 14, 2017 · CaV: Ra's Al Ghul (Foxerdes) vs Master Splinter (Lvenger) ... a fight with Cobb by breaking from his grip in free fall and catching a gargoyle. ... he did similar maneuver against Etrigan.

  5. I really can't tell if she is white or latin. Her name being Zatanna is throwing me off. @teerack: DC Wikia mentions she is related to Leonardo Da Vinci and Arion an ancient Homo Magi of Atlantis ...

  6. 2021 High Tier PyP First Edition (20/20) Signups Full/Accepting Reserves. ... New year, New Edition, New Host. Thanks to ET for five great years of tourneys, I plan to keep it going. Be the same ...

    • Rules
    • Live Action
    • Fodder
    16 participants total.
    Participants must have 500 post or must have completed atleast 1 CAV or Tourney Match
    10 points for characters
    15 points for perks

    There are probably mistakes especially in my anime side. I did the best I could. But like I said if you give a good enough reason I will change how much a character is worth. I'm also willing to add new character but you have to give reasoning for their points however if multiple participants feel the character shouldn't be allowed then I won't add the character. Oh and I'm not adding any Flash related characters. Also once a character is chosen no one else can use him.

    As with the characters, if you feel a perk is worth too much or too little say so and I may change You can change characters and perks until the tourney has begun after that you can no longer change.

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