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  1. Etrigan was created by Jack Kirby on September, 1972 in The Demon #1. Distinguishing Characteristics. Etrigan is a yellowish humanoid demon with fan-like ears and small horns on his forehead.

  2. Etrigan is a character that for the vast majority deals with magical creatures and so he isn't the typical hero or villain that has a vast number of speed, strength and punching durability feats...

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    Etrigan Comics - Comic Vine. Character » Etrigan appears in 938 issues . A past foe of Merlin, now trapped in a man. / Gets out by a chant whenever he can. / Demon by kind; hero by bind.

  5. 10 years ago. #6 Veshark. Etrigan's appearance in one story arc of Saga of Swamp Thing had a bunch of awesome rhymes written by Alan Moore. There are too many and too long to type out here, but ...

  6. Powerful ghost who can create the worst fears of his enemies. He was a temporary member of the Shadowpact.

  7. Jason o' the Blood was a nobleman of the 6th century Camelot during the time of King Arthur. When the wizard Merlin summoned the demon Etrigan, he bonded him to Jason as a means of containment.