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  1. Bolesław I, Duke of Cieszyn - Wikipediaław_I,_Duke_of_Cieszyn

    On 1 January 1406, Bolesław married firstly Margareta (b. 1380 - d. bef. 7 September 1407), daughter of Duke John I of Opava-Ratibor. They had no children. They had no children. On 20 November 1412, Bolesław married secondly Euphemia (Ofka) (b. 1395/98 - d. bef. 17 September 1447), daughter of Duke Siemowit IV of Masovia .

  2. Casimir IV, Duke of Pomerania - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    She was the daughter of Siemowit III of Masovia and his first wife Euphemia of Opava. They had no children. They had no children. After Casimir’s death of wounds (received in fighting Władysław the White on behalf of King Louis), she married Henry VII, Duke of Lubin and Brzeg .

  3. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia

    Frederick III (21 September 1415 – 19 August 1493) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1452 until his death. He was the first emperor of the House of Habsburg, and the fourth member of the House of Habsburg to be elected King of Germany after Rudolf I of Germany, Albert I in the 13th century and his predecessor Albert II of Germany.

    • 19 March 1452
    • Sigismund
    • 19 March 1452 – 19 August 1493
    • Maximilian I
  4. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor

    Frederick III (21 September 1415 – 19 August 1493), was Holy Roman Emperor from 1452 until his death, the first emperor of the House of Habsburg.He was the penultimate emperor to be crowned by the Pope, and the last to be crowned in Rome.

  5. Albert III, Duke of Saxony | Project Gutenberg Self ...,_Duke_of_Saxony

    Albert III, Duke of Saxony: | | | Albert III | | | | ||| ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most ...

  6. Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Siemowit IV (Ziemowit IV), also known as Siemowit IV the Younger (pl: Siemowit IV Młodszy; ca. 1353/1356 – 21 January 1426), was a Polish prince member of the House of Piast from the Masovian branch, from 1373/74 Duke of Rawa, and after the division of the paternal inheritance between him and his brother in 1381, ruler over Rawa, Płock, Sochaczew, Gostynin, Płońsk and Wizna, since 1386 ...

  7. Life -,_Duke_of...

    His maternal grandfather Casimir III the Great, the last king of Poland from the Piast dynasty, had no sons and brought him up at his court. After his grandfather's death in 1370, young Casimir initially became his partial successor, as the last will gave him lands of Dobrzyń , Bydgoszcz , Kruszwica , Złotów and Wałcz as fiefs .

  8. Albert III, Duke Of Saxony

    After escaping from the hands of Kunz von Kaufungen, who had abducted him together with his brother Ernest, he spent some time at the court of the emperor Frederick III in Vienna. [1] In Eger (Cheb) on 11 November 1464 Albert married Zdenka (Sidonie) , daughter of George of Podebrady , King of Bohemia ; but failed to obtain the Bohemian Crown ...

  9. Cymburgis of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Cymburgis of Masovia (German: Cimburgis von Masowien), also Zimburgis or Cimburga (Polish: Cymbarka mazowiecka; 1394 or 1397 – 28 September 1429), a member of the Polish Piast dynasty, was Duchess of Austria from 1412 until 1424, by her marriage with the Habsburg duke Ernest the Iron.

  10. Kunigunde of Austria - Wikipedia

    Kunigunde of Austria (16 March 1465 – 6 August 1520), a member of the House of Habsburg, was Duchess of Bavaria from 1487 to 1508, by her marriage to the Wittelsbach duke Albert IV Contents 1 Biography

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