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    The Euphorbiaceae are a large family, the spurge family, of flowering plants. In common English, they are sometimes called euphorbias, which is also the name of a genus in the family. Most spurges such as Euphorbia paralias are herbs, but some, especially in the tropics, are shrubs or trees, such as Hevea brasiliensis. Some, such as Euphorbia canariensis, are succulent and resemble cacti because of convergent evolution. This family occurs mainly in the tropics, with the majority of the species i

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    Euphorbia is a very large and diverse genus of flowering plants, commonly called spurge, in the spurge family. "Euphorbia" is sometimes used in ordinary English to collectively refer to all members of Euphorbiaceae, not just to members of the genus. Some euphorbias are commercially widely available, such as poinsettias at Christmas. Some are commonly cultivated as ornamentals, or collected and highly valued for the aesthetic appearance of their unique floral structures, such as the crown of thor

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    Here is a full taxonomy of the family Euphorbiaceae, according to the most recent molecular research. This complex family previously comprising 5 subfamilies: the Acalyphoideae, the Crotonoideae, the Euphorbioideae, the Phyllanthoideae and the Oldfieldioideae. The 3 first ones are uni-ovulate families while the 2 last one are bi-ovulate. Now the Euphorbiaceae has been split into 5 families: The 3 uni-ovulate subfamilies have become the Euphorbiaceae in the strict sense, with the tribe Galearieae

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    Euphorbiaceae, the spurge faimily, is a muckle faimily o flouerin plants wit 300 genera an aroond 7,500 species. Maist spurges are yerbs, but some, especially in the tropics, are shrubs or trees. Some are succulent an resemble cacti.

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    Euphorbiaceae san en plaantenfamile uun di order faan a Malpighiales.Diar hiar 240 sköölen mä 6000 slacher tu. Sköölen. Acalypha – Acidocroton – Acidoton – Actinostemon – Adelia – Adenochlaena – Adenocline – Adenopeltis – Adenophaedra – Adriana – Afrotrewia – Agrostistachys – Alchornea – Alchorneopsis – Aleurites – Algernonia – Alphandia – Amperea ...

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    Aleurites is a small genus of arborescent flowering plants in the Euphorbiaceae, first described as a genus in 1776. It is native to China, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Papuasia, and Queensland.

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    Euphorbiaceae: Clasificare științifică; Supradomeniu[*] : Biota: Supraregn[*] : Eukaryota: Regn: Plantae: Subregn: Viridiplantae: Infraregn[*] : Streptophyta ...

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    Euphorbiaceae ili mlječike su velika porodica dikotiledonih cvjetnica, sa 6.547 (po nekima 7.200) priznatih vrsta iz 228 rodova.Porodica je imenovana po tipskom rodu Euphorbia) koji obuhvata čak 2.046 priznatih vrsta.

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    Ang Euphorbiaceae, ay isang malaking pamilya ng mga namumulaklak na halaman. Sa karaniwang Ingles, minsan ay tinatawag itong euphorbias, na kung saan ay din ang pangalan ng isang genus sa pamilya. Ang lathalaing ito ay isang usbong. Makatutulong ka sa Wikipedia sa nito.