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  1. 2. native to or derived from Europe. n. 3. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Europe. 4. (Peoples) a person of European descent. 5. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a supporter of the European Union or of political union of the countries of Europe or a part of it. ˌEuroˈpeanˌism n.

  2. French city of Angoulême celebrates half a century of comics and cartoons. TECH 24. Moderation à la Modi: Indian government's crackdown on BBC documentary backfires. See more shows. Talking Europe.

  3. Jan 18, 2023 · the EU partners with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); NATO is an alliance of 30 countries from North America and Europe; its role is to safeguard the security of its member countries by political and military means; NATO conducts crisis management and peacekeeping missions; member countries that participate in the military aspect of the Alliance contribute forces and equipment, which remain under national command and control until a time when they are required by NATO for a ...

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    Europe is a large peninsula [10] conventionally considered a continent in its own right because of its great physical size and the weight of its history and traditions. Europe is also considered a subcontinent of Eurasia and it is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere.

  5. Nov 18, 2022 · Europe is the second-smallest continent covering an area of 10,180,000 sq. km and occupying the western portion of the Eurasian landmass. As per the latest census, about 745,173,774 people live in Europe, accounting for 10% of the world’s population. There are, at present, 44 countries in Europe, according to the UN.

  6. The European Union (EU) is a supranational political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. 2 million. The EU has often been described as a sui generis political entity (without precedent or comparison) combining the characteristics of both a federation and a confederation.

  7. About. The European Conservative is Europe’s premier conservative English-language quarterly journal of philosophy, politics, and the arts. It publishes articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that illuminate the different varieties of conservative, traditionalist, reactionary, and right-wing thought from across Europe and around the world.

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