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  1. Let PowerShell do an Inventory of your Servers - Simple Talk

    Whether you’re a consultant or an in-house DBA, you need to have a reliable inventory of the servers you manage. This inventory can take any number of forms but, ideally, will allow some aggregation of information. For example, your database data and log files will grow in size over time.

  2. Working with dynamic inventory — Ansible Documentation

    2 days ago · The examples below illustrate how to use inventory scripts. If you prefer a GUI for handling dynamic inventory, the Red Hat Ansible Tower inventory database syncs with all your dynamic inventory sources, provides web and REST access to the results, and offers a graphical inventory editor. With a database record of all of your hosts, you can ...

  3. | How Do I Use EDGAR?

    Jul 18, 2007 · Once you've found the company you want, you can limit the search results by date (for example, "Prior to 2002-01-01") or by the type of filing (for example, "10-K"). Latest Filings Here you'll find the most recent filings our EDGAR system has received — from all SEC filers, including individuals and companies, paper filers and electronic filers.

  4. Installing Oracle Database

    The database character set to be selected in this case is the character set of most clients connecting to this database. The database character set of a multitenant container database (CDB) determines which databases can be plugged in later. Ensure that the character set you choose for the CDB is compatible with the database character sets of ...