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  2. They are an example of a family that handed down American, British, and Irish ballads, singing them in a traditional unembellished style. Whaling song An occupational ballad sung by James H. Gibbs, who learned it as a boy on Nantucket, and who also spent time working as a whaler in his youth.

  3. In American Folk Ballads, the songs range from sea shanties such as “Shenandoah” to children’s songs such as “Little Brown Dog”. The liner notes, written by English, include a short description or story to accompany each ballad. In addition to this album, English recorded Kentucky Folk Songs, Songs of the Gold Rush, and Woody Guthrie ...

  4. Sep 26, 2022 · Vote up the best ballads from any genre and decade, power ballads included. Often synonymous with love songs, ballads typically combine stories with music—making for some of the most poetic songs to date. From traditional ballads of old to today's hottest pop ballads, these narratives set to music span a broad range of genres. Regardless of ...

    • The Purpose of The Ballad
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    The main purpose of a ballad is to tell a story. Ballads are considered to be an important form of classical literature. They may even be the most ancient of them all. Some ballads can be musical, but the majority can be read as poetry or simply as narrative verses. Whatever form they’re presented in, ballads are essentially stories that are read o...

    The idea and format of the ballad go as far back as the 13 century. Ballads originated with medieval Scottish dance songs. They also followed the tradition of storytellingof the Germans and Scandinavians. After that, European settlers began to come to America. They brought with them this narrative song form. During this time, ballads consisted of s...

    Several components go into the making of a ballad. Yet, there are three primary elements that every ballad has to have: stanza, assonance, and meter.

  5. The genres of music explored through Ballad of America include traditional folk songs, fiddle tunes, ballad s (both Old and New World), sea shanties, railroad and cowboy songs, Appalachian, ragtime, spirituals, work songs, minstrel, blues, jazz, jug band, rhythm and blues, old-time, country and western, bluegrass, and rock & roll.

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