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  1. Jun 12, 2020 · There are only two official languages in the Philippines, a nation in Southeast Asia: English and Filipino, which is a standardized form of Tagalog, a language indigenous to the islands. Over the years, Tagalog speakers have adopted countless words and expressions into their language, resulting in a unique dialect: Taglish (a combination of ...

  2. Aug 16, 2019 · Here are the following well-known Filipino dialects and languages: English – One of the official languages of the Philippines and is being taught by schools. Aklanon or Aklan – A language from Visayas that is native to the province of Aklan in the Island of Panay Asi or Bantoanon – A Visayan language which originated in Banton, Romblon.

  3. Keywords: English as a global language, world Englishes, Philippine English, language drift, applied linguistics Introduction Present-day English is a part of the lives of millions of people, and the multiple crucial roles it now fulfills. According to Morrison (2002), with an estimated

  4. Jan 21, 2016 · Linguists have discussed the concept of “Philippine English” that has different variations of typical English words and here are a few examples of these words: 1. Chancing. The concept of “making a move” in the sexual context is called panananching or “chancing”. It means to take the “chance” to “cop a feel” and other sexual ...

  5. 2.2 Native speakers 2.3 Negrito languages 3 Language vitality 3.1 2010 UNESCO designation 3.2 2014 North Dakota study 3.3 Proposals to conserve Philippine languages 4 Major immigrant languages 4.1 Arabic 4.2 English 4.3 Hokkien 4.4 Japanese 4.5 Korean 4.6 Malay 4.7 South Asian languages 4.8 Spanish 4.8.1 Spanish creoles 5 See also 6 References

  6. Oct 7, 2022 · 5. "Dialect" US English: A variant of a language that is mutually intelligible, but not identical. Filipino English: It shares the lignuistically correct sense above but is also casually used for a separate language within the Philippines. Usage example: "I couldn't tell what they were speaking, but it wasn't Tagalog, so probably a dialect ...

  7. Oct 12, 2015 · 7. Bicolano. Bikolano or Bicolano is the language used in the Bicol Region. Bicol is one of the biggest regions in the Philippines and there are about 2,500,000 Bicolanos speaking the language. Example: Good morning – Marhay na aga. Good evening – Marhay na banggi. I love you – Namomotan ta ka. 8.

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