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  1. All of this led to the creation of concrete poems. And these types of poems come in two different forms: outline and line poems. Outline poems used the words to create an outline of the shape. For example, "Easter Wings" by George Herbert is an outline poem. Line poems use the words to actually draw an

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  3. Read More ABC Poems. General Templates of ABC Poem (PDF): ABC Poem Template on 1 page; ABC Poem Template on 2 pages; Acrostic. Acrostic is a form of poetry where the first or last letters of each line create a name, word, or phrase. You can find these words by looking vertically at the beginning or end of the lines. Examples of Acrostic poems ...

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    Structure a poems message and thought patterns: For example, a simple couplet with a rhyme scheme of AABB lends itself to simpler direct ideas, because the resolution comes in the very next line. Essentially these couplets can be thought of as self-contained statements.

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