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  2. List of proprietary source-available software - Wikipedia

    This is a list of proprietary source-available software, which has available source code, but is not classified as free software or open-source software.In some cases, this type of software is originally sold and released without the source code, and the source code becomes available later.

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  3. What Are Some Examples of Proprietary Software?

    Mar 24, 2020 · Notable examples of proprietary software include Microsoft Windows, iTunes, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Player. Certain operating systems based on UNIX, which typically employ the open-source model, are also proprietary, including IBM’s AIX, Hewlett-Packard’s HP-UX and Sun Microsystems’ Solaris.

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  4. Proprietary Software - Examples

    Well known examples of proprietary software include Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash Player, PS3 OS, iTunes, Adobe Photoshop, Google Earth, Mac OS X, Skype, WinRAR, and some versions of Unix. Software distributions considered as proprietary may in fact incorporate a "mixed source" model including both free and non-free software in the same ...

  5. 5 Examples of Proprietary Technology - Simplicable

    May 19, 2017 · Proprietary technology is a system, application or tool that is owned by you. The term applies to firms that develop their own software or hardware to sell to customers or to use for internal functions. The following are illustrative examples of proprietary technology.

  6. What are some examples of proprietary software? - Answers

    An few examples of proprietary software are Microsoft Windows (Operating system), Microsoft Office (Office Software Suite), Nero (CD/DVD Burning Software), and WinRAR (Archiving Tool). The point of...

  7. Open Source Software vs Proprietary Software

    Proprietary software also is called commercial software or closed-source software inattention to one of its most important characteristics. This software also is really good and unique and sometimes, they can be modified within creators limits. Some of the most important software programs that revolutionized the world years ago were in this ...

  8. Open source and proprietary software - Ethical, legal ...

    Proprietary software is software that is copyrighted, which means it can only be obtained by paying for a licence. Proprietary software has many advantages: The product should be free of bugs.

  9. Difference between Open source Software and Proprietary ...

    Oct 13, 2020 · Some examples of Open source software includes Android, Ubuntu, Firefox, Open Office etc. 2. Proprietary Software : Proprietary software is a computer software where the source codes are not publicly not available only the company which has created can modify it.

  10. Open Source vs Proprietary Software - noupe

    The ownership works differently for bespoke proprietary software. For example, if you ask GoodCore, a well-known software development company, to build a dedicated software product for your organisation, then you will be the sole owner of that product. However, this ownership will not be passed onto anyone else.

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