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  1. A simple sentence is not always a short, basic sentence like the four examples shown above. A simple sentence could have a compound subject (i.e., a subject with two or more simple subjects ). For example: Jack likes walking. (This is a simple sentence with one simple subject ("Jack").) Jack and Jill like walking.

  2. The following sentences are examples of the S-V-Adv pattern: The teacher is here. Basic sentence. The teacher is over there. Using an adverb phrase. Teachers are everywhere. Plural noun and verb used. The teachers are in the lobby. Prepositional phrase functioning as adverb.

  3. Here are some more examples of passive sentences: Anita was driven to the theatre. (In this example, Anita did not perform the action of the verb "to drive." The action was done to her. She was the recipient of the action.) Nowadays, black kites are protected. (The action is being done to the subject "black kites.")

  4. Examples of Periodic Sentences. Despite the blinding snow, the freezing temperatures, and the heightened threat of attack from polar bears, the team continued. (In this example, the main independent clause (shaded) is at the end.) When I was shopping in the town yesterday, I saw Mike! (Here, the main clause is at the end and the key word is the ...

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  6. Synonyms for SENTENCE: doom, finding, holding, judgment, ruling, condemn, damn

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