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    How to build a successful social media campaign?

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    How to create impactful social media marketing campaigns?

    • Airbnb. What They Did Right - Supported a cause to win consumer trust and boost their brand image. The first example on this list had to be Airbnb, for the simple reason that it is one of the businesses most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and still making strides on social media.
    • Amazon. What They Did Right - Responded to their customers’ posts about their brand in a funny and witty manner. This is a brilliant example of a brand leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in an innovative manner.
    • HBO. What They Did Right - Turned a bad situation around by creating an offer that helps people and wins them new customers at the same time. A lot of social media marketing examples for 2020 revolve around the coronavirus crisis, as that has plagued the world since the start of the year.
    • Houseparty - Fortnite Trivia Challenge. What They Did Right - Collaborated with another brand to run a mutually-beneficial challenge. Houseparty is one of the many platforms that have gained popularity during the coronavirus crisis as people are looking for ways to spend time and connect with others.
  2. Jul 11, 2022 · Review content before it’s posted. Although you want to keep your influencer’s authenticity, review their content before it gets posted to ensure it aligns when your own brand value. 3. Create a Story. Social media users won’t care about your business if you’re just pushing product images.

    • Former CPA Cathy Iconis Shows Twitter How It’s Done. Twitter had 330 million users as of January 2020. If even a tiny number of those users need a CPA, that could still give you a chance at hundreds of new leads.
    • IRS Medic Is On the Case. Providing valuable information is the way to succeed with content marketing. Although the blogosphere is so full of content it can be hard to get noticed, video content performs remarkably well.
    • Business Leader Seth David Leverages Facebook Groups. You can’t do “chats” on Facebook, but you can use groups in a similar manner. A Facebook group puts your name in front of strangers who are interested in what you have to say.
    • Accountant Associates Makes the Most of an In Joke. As we mentioned earlier, it can be hard to be funny and breed confidence in a field like accounting.
    • Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke Campaign. Coke started its Share a Coke campaign by replacing its brand name on the bottle of Coke with 150 popular names and adding the “Share a Coke” tagline.
    • Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. The Real Beauty Campaign started in response to a study that showed only two percent of women described themselves as beautiful.
    • McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It Campaign. This marketing campaign is a winning example of sonic branding, which is the use of a distinctive sound to make an association with a brand.
    • Nike’s Find Your Greatness Campaign. When Adidas won the spot as the official sportswear sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Nike needed a brilliant marketing campaign to counter the publicity Adidas would receive.
    • Not Special Needs. Organization: CoorDown (Italy’s national organization for people with Down Syndrome) Product: Inclusion of people with Down syndrome!
    • Plastic Bags Kill. Organization: Designed by BBDO Ad Agency, Malaysia (exact organization unknown) Product: Reduce disposable plastic bag use in favor of reusable bag use.
    • Help a Small Dane. Organization: Help a Dane, an initiative aimed at increasing sun safety among Danish people on international holidays. This initiative is organized by the Danish Cancer Society.
    • Save Paper, Save the Planet. Organization: World Wildlife Fund/World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Product: Reducing paper use, especially paper towel use; secondarily, increasing interest in WWF.
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