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      • 1. Of, relating to, or dealing with existence. 2. Based on experience; empirical. 3. Of or as conceived by existentialism or existentialists: an existential moment of choice. 4. Linguistics Of or relating to a construction or part of a construction that indicates existence, as the words there is in the sentence There is a cat on the mat.
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    • 1. relating to existence.

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  3. Existential | Definition of Existential by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › existential

    Existential definition is - of, relating to, or affirming existence. How to use existential in a sentence.

  4. EXISTENTIAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary › english › existential

    existential definition: 1. relating to a philosophy (= system of ideas) according to which the world has no meaning and…. Learn more.

  5. Existential | Definition of Existential at › browse › existential

    Existential definition, of or relating to existence: Does climate change pose an existential threat to humanity? See more.

  6. Existential - definition of existential by The Free Dictionary › existential

    Define existential. existential synonyms, existential pronunciation, existential translation, English dictionary definition of existential. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or dealing with existence. 2. Based on experience; empirical. 3. Of or as conceived by existentialism or existentialists: an...

  7. The meaning of "existential" | Ask The Editor | Learner's ... › qa › the-meaning-of

    The second phrase, existential questions, references Existentialism, a 20th century philosophy concerned with questions about how and whether life has meaning, and why we exist. (For more information, look up Existentialism or the philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre.)

  8. existential - Dictionary Definition : › dictionary › existential

    If something is existential, it has to do with human existence. If you wrestle with big questions involving the meaning of life, you may be having an existential crisis.

  9. Meaning (existential) - Wikipedia › wiki › Meaning_(existential)

    Meaning in existentialism is descriptive; therefore it is unlike typical, prescriptive conceptions of "the meaning of life". [citation needed] Due to the methods of existentialism, prescriptive or declarative statements about meaning are unjustified [citation needed]. The root of the word "meaning" is "mean", which is the way someone or ...

  10. How to Measure Existential Meaning | Dr. Paul Wong › how-to-measure-existential-meaning

    Jun 06, 2017 · The meaning of life question concerns existential meaning; it is much deeper than the meaning of a situation or the meaning in an individual’s life (i.e., meaning in life). Most psychologists and philosophers recognize the distinction between meaning of life and meaning in life; the title of the paper suggests that the focus is on the former.

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