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  2. Explore these popular science projects to discover a wide variety of fun and simple experiments! These classic science experiments are memorable and engaging DIY activities for curious learners of all ages. When paired with additional scientific research, they also make for great science fair project ideas for elementary, middle school, and/or ...

    • Lava Lamp. Overview: This simple experiment is a hit with kids of all ages, and it will take their favorite adults back a few decades, too! This easy science activity teaches kids about density.
    • Exploring Surface Tension (With Black Pepper!) Overview: Surface tension is a foundational scientific principle that even young kids can begin to learn about.
    • Elephant Toothpaste. Overview: Have you heard of the elephant toothpaste experiment yet? It's a blast! You will need an adult for this experiment. Kids of all ages will love learning about catalysts and exothermic reactions in this simple fun science activity.
    • Light Refraction Magic. Overview: This super simple science experiment is really more of a magic trick, and it will teach your kids all about light refraction.
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    In this science project, you will make an electromagnet by wrapping a coil of wire around an iron core. You will then investigate whether the number of coils changes the electromagnet's strength.

    Electromagnets, or magnets that use the magnetic field created by electrical current flowing through a wire, lie at the heart of many electrical devices, ranging from simple things like doorbells to complex machines like particle accelerators. The strength of electromagnets varies, but some electromagnets are strong enough to lift entire trains! So...

    Strength of an Electromagnet Kit, available from our partner Home Science Tools. Includes:
    You will also need to gather these items, not included in the kit:
    What is your Science Buddies kit order number?
    Please describe how you need help as thoroughly as possible: Examples Good Question I'm trying to do Experimental Procedure step #5, "Scrape the insulation from the wire. . ." How do I know when I'...
    • Lava Lamp. Ingredients Required: A plastic bottle, fizzing tablets, vegetable oil, water, food coloring. How to Set Up: Fill a plastic bottle with water (1/4th part) and vegetable oil (remaining amount).
    • Raising Water. Ingredients Required: Jar, water, small votive candles, food coloring, matchstick. How to Set Up: Pour the colored water into a shallow dish and place a small votive candle in the middle.
    • Water Walking. Ingredients Required: Tissue paper, six paper cups, and six different food coloring. How to Set Up: Pour water into all six paper cups and add different food colors to each one.
    • Orange Fizz. Ingredients Required: An orange and baking soda. How to Set Up: Slice an orange into different sections for this simple kid’s science experiment.
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