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  1. Several free inventory slots (about 8) to solve the puzzles easier; Fast travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold (Balloon Transport System, Gnome Glider, Spirit Tree or Slayer Ring to the Slayer Cave to directly reach the Stronghold -- alternatively, use a Necklace of Passage to the Outpost and walk north)

  2. A saw in a toolbelt will now fix the machine in The Eyes of Glouphrie. patch 5 July 2010 : Eyes of Glouphrie could not be completed due to a broken interface. patch 11 January 2010 : Resolved a problem in the Eyes of Glouphrie quest during a cutscene. patch 3 December 2009 : Fixed a ground problem near Oaknock's machine.

  3. Kill the evil creature by Brimstail and talk to him. (1/6). Kill the 5 remaining evil creatures, which can be done in any order: (2/6) By the main gate to the stronghold (south-east from Brimstail's cave) Do not enter gate while Evil Creature is still dying.

  4. › w › Crystal_saw_seedCrystal saw seed - OSRS Wiki

    The crystal saw seed is an item given to the player by King Narnode in the Tree Gnome Stronghold as a reward for completing The Eyes of Glouphrie quest. The seed can be enchanted into a crystal saw by using it on the singing bowl in Brimstail's cave in the south-west area of the Gnome Stronghold or in Prifddinas.

  5. The eyes of Glouphrie 9 – 23. If you have the requirements for the Eyes of glouphrie quest, the experience reward (6,000) will put you at 23 runecrafting without having done any runs yet. Requirements: 5 construction; 46 magic; 45 woodcutting or 50 firemaking; Completed the grand tree quest

  6. 2021 OSRS Brutal Black Dragons Killing Gold Making Guide 2021-09-28. Written by Ben. Author, Free OSRS Gold Making Guide, Length: 4754 Words. 3 Minutes Reading. Will Arena & Grand Exchange Tax Update Help OSRS Gold Value? 2021-09-27. removal of the dual arena & economy-related changes and perhaps a GE tax and next coming to old school Runescape ...

  7. OSRS Magic Training Guide Efficient methods of training Magic are usually tedious and require the use of clicking repeatedly. Nonetheless, most users consider this method worth the time and money expenditure in achieving the required levels for teleports, combat spells, high-level jewelry enchantments and enhanced magic defenses. Magic is fairly easy to learn, the only […]

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