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      • You can spawn new resources in if you want to: /c local surface = game.player.surface; for y=-2,2 do for x=-2,2 do surface.create_entity ({name="stone", amount=1000000, position= {game.player.position.x+x, game.player.position.y+y}}) end end That piece of code will give you a 5x5 25M stone patch centered on the player.
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  2. Jun 30, 2019 · YunoAloe. Long Handed Inserter. Posts: 96. Joined: Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:22 pm. Command to spawn a naturally-looking ore patch. by YunoAloe » Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:30 pm. There's a command to spawn a square resource patch at ... urce_patch.

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    This is a very powerful feature, which also allows cheating, and as such achievements will be permanently disabled for the saveas soon as you use a script command.

    Zoom beyond normal bounds

    Note that zooming too far out can cause performance hits. Be careful.

    Unlock and research all technologies

    Undo this with the command in the next section. Note: Specific technologies can be researched using the map editorby shift clicking the "start research" button on the technology GUI.

    Unresearch all technologies

    This does not reset manually applied bonuses Note: Specific technologies can be unresearched using the map editorby clicking the "un-research" button on the technology GUI.

    Cheat mode

    Allows for infinite free crafting. Disable by replacing true with false.

    Refill resources

    While holding the cursor over a resource tile in-game: Alternatively you can refill all resources in the map with the following command. Change ore.amount to the desired value.

    Add items to the player's inventory

    Replace iron-plate with the internal nameof the item desired. For instance, here's a stack of the god-mode energy system interface: There are several god-mode items available: 1. infinity-chest 2. infinity-pipe 3. electric-energy-interface 4. heat-interface Add a powerful armor with equipment and some tools for construction:

    Reveal the map around the player

    Reveals the map around the player, similar to a radar. or from start position Change 150 to the desired radius, higher values take longer.

    Hide revealed map

    Hides all revealed chunks, inverted map revealing.

    Reveal all generated map

    Revels all of the generated map to the player's team.

    Set evolution factor

    Ranges from 0 (new game) to 1.

    Disable time-based evolution & increases pollution-based evolution

    The "2" at the end of the last command will double the default pollution factor. You can substitute another number to increase (or decrease) the pollution factor further.

    Kill all biters on the "enemy" force

    Note that this will kill only mobile units, spawners will not be killed.

    Enable faster research

    -0.5 is half speed, 0 is normal speed, 1 is double speed, 2 is triple etc.

    Research specific technologies

    The internal technology names can be found in the infoboxes on their respective pages. To research a high level of an infinite technology, set its level:

    Unresearch specific technologies

    The internal technology names can be found in the infoboxes on their respective pages.

  3. Create an oil patch (similar to 'spawn ore patch' but simpler due to the 1-tile size /c game.local_player.surface.create_entity{name = "crude-oil", position= {game.player.position.x, game.player.position.y}, amount=100000} Create water tiles

  4. Aug 14, 2020 · Player console commands (teleport, mine faster, craft faster, etc.) Inventory console commands (add inventory slots, enable cheat mode, etc.) Enemy console commands (kill nearby enemies, disable biter expansion, etc.) World console commands (world editor, reveal map, adjust game speed, etc.)

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  5. and spawn a full belt of ore. Google search "factorio spawn ore patch" > 1st link "Console - Factorio Wiki" > ctfl+f (search on the page) "patch" > Add new resource patch. This page links console commands to do stuff like that, and has an "add resource patch" command too. :)

  6. Mar 3, 2019 · The Console is Factorio's command-line interface. The in-game console is used for: Chatting with other players; Running commands / scripts / cheats; Occasional status updates; There are three types of commands: Normal - Display information about the game and customize your experience. Multiplayer - Message filtering, banning users, etc.

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  7. #1. GaKkI Jan 30, 2017 @ 12:31pm. i did. i found this one. /c local surface = game.player.surface; for y=-2,2 do. for x=-2,2 do. surface.create_entity ( {name="stone", amount=5000, position= {game.player.position.x+x, game.player.position.y+y}}) end.

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