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    Vietnam War. America in Vietnam (1978), by Guenter Lewy, is an example of historical revisionism that differs much from the popular view of the role of the U.S. in the Vietnam War (1955–75), for which the author was criticised and supported for belonging to the revisionist school on the history of the Vietnam War.

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    Columbus is a consolidated city-county located on the west-central border of the U.S. state of Georgia.Located on the Chattahoochee River directly across from Phenix City, Alabama, Columbus is the county seat of Muscogee County, with which it officially merged in 1970.

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    See the fact file below for more information on Christopher Columbus or alternatively, you can download our 22-page Christopher Columbus worksheet pack to utilise within the classroom or home environment. Key Facts & Information EARLY LIFE AND PERSONAL INTERESTS. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer born in Genoa in 1451.

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    Colombia, which is located at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rainforests, towering mountains and coffee plantations. There is so much to this country. Let’s explore it! 85 Interesting facts about Colombia. 1. The theme of most children’s games, El Dorado, is actually a mythical city in ancient Colombia.

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    They were anciently known as Las Guanajas, from Guanaja, first seen by Christopher Columbus in his 4th and last voyage to the New World, on July 30, 1502. The Admiral named it 'Isle of Pines', and claimed it for Spain. [9]

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    Sep 23, 2008 · The anniversary of Columbus' 1492 landing in the Americas (Columbus Day) is observed throughout the Americas and in Spain on October 12. Early life According to general assumption, nevertheless disputed, Christopher Columbus was born between August and October 1451 in Genoa (nowadays part of Italy).[2]

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    Christopher Columbus was the European explorer who discovered America. Although there is archaeological evidence that the Vikings were actually the first, their discovery was a dead end in many ways.

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    Kids encyclopedia facts Use the search form above to search over 700,000 articles in the Kiddle encyclopedia. Below is a list of some articles and categories to help you research different topics for school homework help , homeschooling and general education .

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    After studying star charts and maps, Magellan put forward a proposal to the King of Spain to restart Christopher Columbus’ plan to build a spice route to the west. In 1518, Magellan was chosen by King Charles I of Spain to sail westwards in search of the Maluku Islands, also known as the Spice Islands.

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    Christopher Columbus did not have the best relationship with the native peoples of the places he “discovered.” There may have been initial periods of peace fostered by the wonder factor of new cultures interacting, but that goodwill only went so far. In 1502, Columbus was stranded on the north coast of Jamaica.