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  2. Nov 04, 2021 · Also, cultures and religions throughout the world often perform coming of age rituals at specific points in a child’s life. Coming of age is such a universal human experience that numerous films, stories, and novels depict it. When famous people write autobiographies or memoirs, they often focus on this period of their lives as well.

  3. Nov 23, 2019 · "The Bell Jar" is the only novel by Sylvia Plath, and it is famous not only because it offers shocking insight into her mind and art, but also because it is a coming-of-age story — told in the first person by Esther Greenwood, who struggles with mental illness. Esther's suicide attempts made the book a target for book censors.

  4. Darkly comic coming-of-age story that follows 16 year old Bethan as she deals with the anxieties and insecurities of teenage life, along with the stark reality of a home life that is far removed from what she projects to her friends. Stars: Gabrielle Creevy, Jo Hartley, James Wilbraham, Poppy Lee Friar. Votes: 822

  5. Looking for Alaska is a coming-of-age novel that touches on themes of meaning, grief, hope, and youth-adult relationships. The novel won the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library Association , and led the association's list of most-challenged books in 2015 due to profanity and a sexually explicit scene. [2]

  6. Reports of Bachardy’s age at the time vary, but Bachardy later said, “At the time I was, probably, 16.” In fact, Bachardy was 18. Despite the age difference, this meeting began a partnership that, though interrupted by affairs and separations, continued until the end of Isherwood’s life. Thomas Jefferson

  7. Mar 30, 2018 · Mem Fox wrote the famous Australian novel in 1978; it follows the story of two possums travelling through Australia and the wacky native Australian animals they come across in the bush. Her most recent book, I’m Australian Too , is a children’s book celebrating Australia’s diverse and multicultural population.

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