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      • John M Keynes (1883 – 1946) Influential economist Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867) English scientist who enabled electricity to become a viable source of power. George Orwell (1903 – 1950) English author of ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) Inventor and businessman
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    Who are the most inspirational people in history?

    Who are the most influential leaders in history?

    Who are the most influential people of all time?

    What is inspirational person?

    • Sir Isaac Newton. A name taught about in every science class the world over, Sir Isaac Newton is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational people to have ever lived.
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Luther, arguably one of the most important names of the 20th century, fundamentally underpinned the mass movement of equal rights and inspired an entire generation to rethink racial equality.
    • Charles Darwin. Much like Newton, Darwin’s radical thinking not only propelled the entire theory of evolution to the forefront of scientific exploration, but he also revealed the marvels and intrigues of the natural world to wider society through his epic, and highly dangerous, five year voyage across the world on HMS Beagle.
    • William Shakespeare. The revered king of literature, Shakespeare’s writing grappled with and reflected the very nature of humankind. An actor, playwright and poet, his works changed the way in which people thought about themselves and contemporary society, thus changing the entire English speaking world forever.
    • Jesus Christ. Jesus was not the founder of the religion that bears his name; he was actually a Jewish carpenter he traveled as an itinerant preacher and worked miracles.
    • Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist who emigrated to the United States and remained there after Hitler rose to power in his native Germany.
    • Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton is probably most famous for his discovery of gravity, which explains both why things fall to earth and why planets stay in orbit around the sun.
    • Leonardo da Vinci. The ultimate “Renaissance Man,” Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, writer, botanist, musician, polymath, inventor, you name it, he could do it.
    • Rosa Parks: Wouldn’t give up her seat. Tired from a full day’s work, Rosa Parks boarded a Montgomery bus on December 1, 1955 and forever became one of the inspirational people who changed the world.
    • Todd Beamer and the passengers of Flight 93: Fought back against 9/11 terrorists. When account manager Todd Beamer and the other passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 realized their plane had been seized by terrorists, they worked quickly and courageously to reclaim control.
    • Mohamed Bouazizi: Sparked a revolution. Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi never had any dreams bigger than saving enough money to rent or buy a pick-up truck, but he became one of the inspirational people who changed the world.
    • Candy Lightner: Stood up against drunk driving. After her 13-year-old daughter was killed by a repeat DWI offender, Candy Lightner founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in her home on March 7, 1980.
    • Peter Diamandis. Engineer, physician, best selling author, and brilliant entrepreneur. He’s best known for founding the XPRIZE Foundation (which has given millions of dollars to improve the health of our oceans) and Singular University (whose mission is to educate leaders to apply exponential technologies to address the biggest challenges we face today).
    • Liz Murray. When Liz became homeless at the age of 15, it was just after her mother died of HIV and her father moved into a homeless shelter. In such a painful situation, most people would only be able to see their immediate circumstances.
    • Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. His videos on YouTube have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits.
    • Tim Ferriss. He wrote the book that redefined wealth and freedom. He embodies the ability to learn and master…anything. In his most recent project, the Tim Ferriss Podcast, he’s interviewed Billionaires, 3-Star Generals, Hollywood Producers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • J.K. Rowling. Rowling had just gotten a divorce, was on government aid, and could barely afford to feed her baby in 1994, just three years before the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, was published.
    • Stephen King. King was broke and struggling when he was first trying to write. He lived in a trailer with his wife—also a writer—and they both worked multiple jobs to support their family while pursuing their craft.
    • Jim Carrey. When Carrey was 14 years old, his father lost his job, and his family hit rough times. They moved into a VW van on a relative’s lawn, and the young aspiring comedian—who was so dedicated to his craft that he mailed his resume to The Carroll Burnett Show just a few years earlier, at age 10—took an eight-hours-per-day factory job after school to help make ends meet.
    • Tyler Perry. Perry had a rough childhood. He was physically and sexually abused growing up, got kicked out of high school, and tried to commit suicide twice—once as a preteen and again at 22.
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    related to: famous inspirational people in history
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